Historical Character Costume Ideas

Historical Character Costume Ideas

This is a great theme as it can encompass a wide range of eras throughout history and thus lends itself to a host of costume and fancy dress opportunities, with many different time periods available. As there are potentially so many historical costumes for men, ladies & kids to choose from, it usually helps to narrow the field. This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, you can decide which character you would like to portray. It could be someone you were particularly interested in at school, or have found out about since. You might want to start by looking at the Kings and Queens from different time periods or other famous people who were well renowned. Naturally, there are certain characters throughout history who are not instantly recognised by their costume, so you might want to avoid these, as you do not want to spend the whole party explaining who you are.

Secondly, you might decide to choose a particular time frame you like and focus on characters from that period.

There are all sorts to choose from:-

For some, the twentieth century is now perceived as a historical era and you will also find ideas for costumes from this particular period featured in our Decades sections.

Here are a few examples:-

Blackadder – Not technically a historical character, but Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal in the four series’ have now become part of historical legend – well that’s our excuse!

Charlie Chaplin – Comedy Actor from the early 20th Century.  His trademark was his Tramp, which consisted of bowler hat, ill-fitting suit and cane.

Elvis Presley – Singer and actor and known as the King of Rock and Roll.  The 1970s rhinestone encrusted jumpsuit in a range of colours is the most popular look.

Marilyn Monroe – Actress who died young. Various looks are available, but the white dress tends to be the iconic one.


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