Horror Film Costume Ideas

Horror Films Costume Ideas
Horror Films is a fancy dress theme that comes up many times throughout the year, but is more popular around Halloween! This is an outline of some of the very popular horror films and possible costume ideas, however, this is by no means an exhausted list.

Some great Horror film Costume Ideas:

A Nightmare on Elm StreetFreddy Krueger Costumes & accessories:
The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise is a hugely popular horror franchise. There have been 9 films between 1984 and 2010, a television show, novels and even comics! The main character of these films is Freddy Krueger who was a child murderer before being burnt alive. He returned from the dead  and began manipulating the dreams of children and killing them, to get revenge on his killers. Freddy Krueger’s iconic outfit includes a red and green striped jumper (although some official costumes are red and black), a brown fedora, and a bladed glove. He also has burnt skin and a mask can be used to recreate this effect. This outfit is perfect for horror parties as it is so recognisable.  Props & Frocks stock a number of Freddy Krueger costumes, accessories of full sets. The bladed glove is also available to purchase on its own. Props & Frocks also stock a ladies Miss Krueger costume for something a little different, or as a great couples costume idea.

Devil costumes & accessories:
Devil costumes are always a popular choice for horror parties as Devils appear in a number of horror films and costumes can be created very simply.  Props & Frocks stocks a large number of devil costumes and accessories for men and women ranging from our superior devil man costume to simple devil horns that can be used to accessorise with a red dress.

Silence Of The Lambs – Hannibal Lector:
This film was released in 1991 and the main character is Hannibal Lector, a former psychiatrists and cannibalistic serial killer. In the pursuit of another serial killer, it was thought Hannibal Lector’s knowledge could be useful.

Props & Frocks stock straight jackets and masks that are appropriate to use for a Hannibal Lector Costume.

The Shining – maybe wear some sort of shiny material!

Nosferatu is a classic German horror film from 1922. Nosferatu means vampire and the main character is Count Orlok, a vampire based in Transylvania (based on Count Dracula).  This is an excellent costume to use for a horror themed party as the film is one of the oldest horror films and is easily recognisable.  Props & Frocks stocks a wide range of Vampire accessories including wigs, capes, medallions, and of course, the fangs!

Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein and The Son of Frankenstein:
Frankenstein was a 1931 monster horror film based on the novel.  Henry Frankenstein is the scientist who created the monster (known as Frankenstein’s monster), by piecing together parts of a human body that had been collected. Frankenstein’s aim is to create life. Once Frankenstein has created this monster he then realises he has to destroy it.  The film Frankenstein was also followed by The Bride of Frankenstein and also The Son of Frankenstein. The main costume for this film is Frankenstein’s Monster. Props & Frocks stocks full costumes, which although includes a headpiece, some people do prefer to use a separate mask . The overhead mask is very effective but alternatively you could try to get the effect using monster bolts, and working with some face putty and face paints.

The Saw films (there have been seven since 2004) are arguably a leading example of what has been termed ‘torture porn’ – you might think the Saw theme ride at Thorpe Park was scary, but these films are in a class of their own and not for the faint-hearted. Without giving too much away (because that would be cruel) the films were initially based on the hunt for a man called the Jigsaw Killer – Jigsaw for short. Jigsaw delights in settling his ‘subjects’ various tests and puzzles, so that they may redeem themselves of ‘crimes’ and wrongdoings in their past, however, most usually end up mutilated or dead. He gains his nickname because he carves a jigsaw-shaped piece of flesh from his victims, although he would argue that he does not kill them, they choose to kill themselves. An additional factor is that the killer himself is terminally ill but he succeeds in gaining ‘accomplices’ (willing or otherwise) who will help continue his warped form of retribution.

This successful franchise has spawned two Saw costumes, both of which have proved popular in past Halloweens. The first is Billy the Puppet, a ventriloquist doll-type character in a suit and bow tie which Jigsaw uses, through electronics, as a mouthpiece to communicate with or taunt his victims.

The costume comes with a mask which, although undoubtedly effective, may be restrictive when it comes to eating, speaking etc. In theory, with a little effort and some derma wax (artificial skin/putty material) to build up the cheeks, it is possible to do a Billy Puppet face with make-up, but it depends upon your level of dedication to the character. It is also possible to purchase the Saw Mask

The other character is rather simpler, but again mask-based with no make-up alternative this time. This is Pig-Head, a character based on plain (or blood-splattered) black robe topped with a pig’s-head, the mask styled as being decaying, reflecting the disease and rot both of Jigsaw’s cancer and his attitude to his fellow humans. The outfit is used by Jigsaw’s accomplices in disguising themselves to help terrify their prey (amongst other reasons). It is also possible to purchase the Saw Pig mask

As the last film was subtitled ‘The Final Chapter’ the Saw series may have come to an end, but we think there is still plenty of scare value in these costumes.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
Although when released in 1974 it was advertised  as a true story, the film is actually fictional with a few plot details inspired by the story of Murderer Ed Gein.   This film was exceptionally influential in the horror film industry and has been credited as one of the first films so encourage the use of such power tools as weapons and a killer as faceless.

The main character is Leatherface, who wears a mask made of human skin is a killer and cannibal. Props & Frocks stocks an appropriate mask for the character of Leatherface either individually or with a costume.  The Leatherface costume includes a shirt, tie and apron as Leatherface works in a meat factory.  This costume can be accessorised with a fake chainsaw, the murder weapon, also available at Props & Frocks.

Halloween was first release in 1978 and after its popularity had 7 sequels and also a remake of Halloween II in 2009. The first film is set beginning on 31st October 1963 when Michael Myers, a six year old boy, kills his older sister.  He is sent to a hospital where he 15 years later escapes from. Going on to kill again Michael Myers is repeatedly seen wearing a white mask and overalls. Props & Frocks stock Michael Myers Masks and also blue overalls that can be worn and accessories with fake weapons.

Friday The 13th :
Friday the 13th was originally released in 1980 but its success has led to the franchise of 12 films overall, comic books, novels and television shows.  The main character of the films is Jason Vorhees, for which Props & Frocks stock many suitable Jason Costumes & accessories.  Jason dies in the first film when a young boy as a summer camp. However later in the films Jason returns as a fully grown adult. Jason is determined to kill anyone wanting to re open the lake in which he drowned. In one film  Jason removed a hockey masks from one of his victims and used it to hide his face, this has become one of the most recognisable images surrounding this film.  Jason often used a machete as his murder weapon. A set which includes a fake machete and hockey mask can be purchased at Props & Frocks.A ladies sexy Miss Vorhees costume is also available

Scream was originally released in 1996 and there have since been 3 sequels. The killer in these films is a mystery killer known as Ghostface.   At its time of release Scream was considered unique in its genre, because, as well as being a thriller it also incorporates dark humour.  The characters in Scream openly acknowledge the existence of other horror films and discuss their Clichés.  The killers in Scream are always seen wearing a ghost mask and a black robe, these are both available at Props & Frocks.  This costume can also be accessories with a fake bloody knife.

Zombie Costumes:
Zombies appear in many horror films such as Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead for example. Props & Frocks stock many types of zombie costumes including skeleton zombies and zombie nurse.  Accessories can also be purchased as Props & Frocks, such as Zombie flesh, teeth and scars.

Gothic Costumes:
If you don’t want to dress as a specific horror film for a horror party, then a good option is gothic clothing.  Props and Frocks stock a huge amount of gothic clothing both to hire and to buy, and can be as simple or as over the top as you may like! Popular gothic items include large gothic wings, wigs, black nail varnish, black lipstick and many gothic costumes.

Dracula films have been released in both 1931 and 1992. The films are based on the stage play and novel of the same name. The main character of the Dracula films is of course count Dracula, who is a vampire.

Vampires are very popular costumes for both men and women following the success of The Twilight Saga.

Vampire costumes are very easy to put together and Props & Frocks stock most of the necessary components.  The main items needed to put together a good Dracula costume are, a black cape, a red bow tie, a white shirt, black trousers, fake blood (of which many types are available at Props & Frocks) and fangs.  Dracula Hair and a Dracula medallion can also be used to make a more convincing costume.

Werewolf Costumes:
Werewolf costumes can also go very well alongside a vampire costumes.  There are many popular werewolf films for example An American Werewolf in London. Popular accessories to use with a werewolf costume are in Werewolf accessories .  An easy option is to use a werewolf mask, however some people are not so keen on wearing a full mask and so other options are available such as a werewolf wig and self-adhesive facial hair.

Song suggestions to play at your Horror Film Fancy Dress party:

  • Werewolves in London – Adam Sandler
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Hammer Horror – Kate Bush
  • This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
  • Welcome to My Nightmare – Alice Cooper
  • Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett & The Crypt-kickers
  • Ghost Town – The Specials
  • Cry Wolf – A-Ha
  • Killer Queen – Queen
  • Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran
  • 666 – Iron Maiden
  • Time Warp – Rocky Horror Show
  • Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • Tubular Bells Part 1 – Mike Oldfield
  • Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jnr
  • Season Of The Witch – Donovan
  • somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
  • I’m Your Boogieman – White Zombie

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