Kids Character Costume Ideas

Childrens Character Fancy Dress Ideas


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

The first thing to determine is your angle.

Are you an adult who, as part of a childrens TV character nostalgia event (or similar) is looking to dress up as a contemporary or yesteryear character?

Are you an adult looking to dress up as a popular childrens TV and/or book character for a childrens party?

Or are you looking for a childrens character costume for your offspring for a school dress-up, book event or party?

The upshot is, although it seems a great idea to have your childs favourite TV character turn up as Star Guest at their party, its not always possible for us to help for reasons beyond our control. There are sometimes lookalikes and relations of these stars available, but both you and we must avoid passing off these tribute stars as the real thing after all, we all know there is only one real Santa Claus!

Right, having said that, here are a whole host of ideas for childrens characters we are not saying weve got them all, but they will perhaps help give you ideas and obviously if we can assist in fulfilling your requirements, we will. Also, there are a few couples or pairs in the list. Naturally, this is of less interest where children are being costumed unless you are looking for related sibling outfits, in which case prepare for arguments as to who takes which role!

If you look at the left navigation, we have tried to split this enormous costume category into smaller sections and we do also give you plenty of children’s Character costume ideas below.

Starting in the nursery with Nursery Rhyme related outfits: Bo-Peep (plus a sheep) is a good start. Interest in this character revived with Toy Story, although she had mysteriously gone missing (along with her sheep) in Toy Story 3. Theres also Little Miss Muffet (plus a spider prop or escort) and Little Jack Horner and Little Boy Blue. In the nursery rhyme context, The Queen of Hearts and the The Knave of Hearts could be a good pair, whilst a Dish and a Spoon is more of a challenge (the spoon costume exists, the dish can be someone suitably good-looking). Finally there are Cats everywhere, from the one that went to se the Queen (cue Buckingham Palace Guide Book!), the one that fell down the well and, for the musically inclined, the Cat that teamed up with a fiddle and shared a rhyme with laughing dogs and moon-jumping cows!

Comics offer another rich area for suggestion: Dennis the Menace first appeared in the Beano in 1938 and is still looking good, as is his compatriot from that comic, Desperate Dan. For females, although no official costumes exist, versions of Minnie the Minx and Beryl the Peril (a stalwart of The Beezer) should not be too difficult to improvise. Other

classic comic characters of yesteryear such as The Bash Street Kids may be improvised in a similar manner, but for those looking for something more contemporary, theres always Bananaman.

Obviously Childrens Literature and Fairy Tales provide a good source of ideas, but theres also something of a cross-over with the popular characters of Disney here, and sometimes the Disney version has rather taken over the popular image Do you see Winnie the Pooh as a tatty teddy or a tubby ted in a red jacket?

Alice in Wonderland has had a number of treatments and re-imaginings over the years and costumes for Alice herself are available in classic, skimpy and Malice Horror varieties. Other characters from the twoAlicebooks, Wonderland and Looking Glass, such as The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts (making her second appearance) are also available in various styles. Of course when it comes to other stories, one persons Grimm Fairy Tale is anothers Pantomime character, so there are plenty of ideas here: Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel for a start. Rapunzel could be set to become popular as Disney are doing a reworking of her story in the near future and we could mention Sleeping Beauty, although shes not much of a party animal! Theres also Aladdin (either Chinese or Arabian versions) and his princess, who could also double as ace Arabian Nights story-teller Scheherazade. Again, cats have great potential quite apart from Dick Whittington and His Cat and Puss-in-Boots (both the panto version or the swords-cat from Shrek), theres also Dr Seuss The Cat In The Hat. Costumes for Thing One and Thing Two are also available.

Mention of Shrek leads us to note that with Shrek being a book before becoming a film, Shrek himself, Princess Fiona and others appearing in the films (The Gingerbread Man, Pinocchio, the Three Blind Mice, etc) can also be chosen as Childrens Book Characters. One Hundred and One Dalmatians was also a much-loved book (and Cruella a much hated villainess) prior to its Disney films and there are doubtless other characters from books you read as a child which you might want to portray Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Worst Witch, Matilda, Willie Wonka and theres always Harry Potter!

Perhaps you did not do that much reading and your influences were more Childrens TV No problem! With several manufacturers producing retro costumes based on TV favourites of the past, there is plenty of choice, with many being the officially licensed versions of your heroes and heroines: From the days of Watch with Mother (or the more modern CITV CBBC and Cbeebie equivalents) we have Andy Pandy & Looby Loo and the Flower Pot Men & Little Weed. The Teletubbies, characters from In The Night Garden, Postman Pat (with Jess another cat!) and Wallace & Gromit are always popular, as are Danger Mouse & Penfold and the Thunderbirds characters.

The retro concept also works for Action Heroes of the Small Screen such as He-Man and She-Ra, Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. There are even costumes for more contemporary superstars such as the Power-Rangers and Baugan.

As we started warning about copyright and licensing, we know that Disney characters are some of the most popular requests when it comes to child-orientated costumes. They are also especially subject to some of the restrictions mentioned, but lets not let that get in the way of a good idea. For example there are official versions of Mickey & Minnie Mouse available. They might not come with overhead masks (not always practical for parties anyway) but a little resourcefulness can overcome that if it is a problem. Costumes for other classic Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy may be in the pipeline, but if there is a particular character you require, here at Props & Frocks we can often come up with a work-around solution to keep you happy.

2 thoughts on “Kids Character Costume Ideas

  1. Dear Costumiers,
    we are looking for a Thunderbirds costume for an 8 year old boy (turning 9 soon – so wanted to dress up for his party).
    He particularly likes Scott Tracey. I have noted your mask but it probably needs the suit to do it justice.
    do you have anything relevant please?
    thank you for your help.

  2. Hi Paulette
    I am sorry we do not have anything suitable costume wise, could you not use a cheap long sleeved blue tee shirt with blue trousers and make a sash? The mask would then complete the look?

    Good luck

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