Kids Victorian Character Costume Ideas

Children’s Victorian Costumes

As already mentioned Victorian costume is not just for the adults. We get asked for both rich and poor Victorian kids’ outfits for school dress-up days. All of our children’s Victorian Fancy Dress Costumes are made to the current EU certification.

The rich Victorian child is more difficult to cobble together, as they were often miniaturised versions of their parents, with bonnets, top hats and walking sticks all playing their part. The difference between the types of classes would be identified by the materials used, and the fact that as far as the poor child was concerned, they would often be dressed in ill fitting, shabby clothing, which were effectively hand-me-downs from older siblings. At Props & Frocks we have costumes and accessories for both types of Victorian and we look forward to helping you out.

From our professional experience, most children tend to go for the poorer style of costume as this is more practical for a day at school, or out visiting a local museum etc. The boy’s Victorian costume includes a shirt, waistcoat, shorts, scarf and cap. A waistcoat and cap version is also available to purchase to help you make up your own costume at home.

There are quite a few choices of girl’s Victorian costume that we stock, from the wealthier looking ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ costume to the poorer looking dress with pinny and mob cap. The latter we do sell as separate items, so you can reduce the cost by just purchasing these and wearing over a dark skirt and top.

Our Victorian Costume Kit range includes:

  • Girls Mob Caps
  • Adult Mob Caps
  • Boys Waistcoats
  • Boys Waistcoats & cap
  • Boys Cap & Cravat
  • Girls Apron & Mob Cap

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