Male Character Costume Ideas

Male Character Costumes

Listed below is our selection of the Top Male Character Costumes. If you disagree with our costume ideas or want to add your own suggestions, please put in your comments.

Austin Powers
Austin Powers, the spoof secret agent invented by Mike Myers, spans three decades, Sixties, Seventies and Nineties. The classic blue velvet 1960s style suit is the archetypal look, with lace jabot and cuffs, black trademark glasses, wig and groovy teeth.

The Batman franchise certainly stands the test of time and has had many manifestations over the years. Starting in the 1960s with the original TV series, starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, Batman’s image over recent times has become much darker with the sculpted muscle-chest look taking over from the stretch-knit.

Despite only making one film (although there was a spin-off cartoon series), an instantly recognisable character who works on a number of levels. Halloween is the obvious option, but he also features heavily in 1980s parties and also Movies parties generally. The black and white striped suit is very distinctive, as is the make-up and hair.

Buzz Lightyear
Thanks to the incredible popularity of the Toy Story films, the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear is one character who is instantly recognisable by children and adults of all ages.

Darth Vader
The ultimate Space Baddie, Darth Vader may be a popular costume choice but the practicalities of eating and drinking in that mask, can sometimes be a bit off-putting.(There was a reason he was breathing so heavily!).

Way before there were official Elvis costumes available for purchase, males wanted to dress up as the ‘King of Rock n Roll’. Although the Vegas white jumpsuit may be the most requested outfit when it comes to Elvis, there are a number of other costume choices, including GI, Hawaiian or sixties gold suit.

Fred Flintstone
When it comes to cartoon characters, Fred Flintstone is in a class of his own. Normally Fred does not tend to go to events on his own. He is usually accompanied either by his wife Wilma or his friend Barney Rubble. If you have a group of people going to a party The Flintstones make a great set, with Betty Rubble, children Pebbles and Bam Bam and even Dino getting in on the action.

Jedi Knight
More practical than Darth Vader, the Jedi Knight is the second Star Wars Character to appear in our top ten. Just shows how popular it is! The original outfit was based on a judo suit, worn underneath a brown hooded robe and the only accessory needed is the light sabre, which should be blue (Darth Vader’s is red).

Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter is usually a popular character when adults and children dress up for World book day or National book week at school. Around Easter the costume may also be required for Mad Hatter’s tea-parties, as a change or addition to the standard Easter Egg hunts etc.. Recently, there have been increased requests for the Mad Hatter, thanks once again to Johnny Depp for his portrayal of the character in Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland. Different versions of this character are available, with many modelled on the original illustrations in Lewis Carroll’s book.

Robin Hood
Not all Robin Hood costumes necessarily involve tights and although Lincoln green is the colour he is traditionally associated with, there are many outfits on the market, which come in various shades of green or brown. The major problem with Robin is whether he is sufficiently recognisable without so sort of bow, which can prove something of a liability in a party environment.

Smurfs have recently soared in popularity. Licensed costumes are available but you can easily purchase a white gnome hat and blue facepaint to get the general look

Indiana Jones
Always popular with men as it is a macho costume. Although there are licensed costumes to purchase available (see the image to the right) you can also get a wide range of accessories that you can add to an existing battered leather jacket to get the look of this character.

A brilliant licensed costume is available for this cartoon character (although a film was released in 1980s that makes this an unusual costume choice for an 80s costume party). Pair with Olive Oyl and you have a great couples costume.

Sidekick to Batman. Traditionally a male costume, but there are ladies sexy costumes available now for a great couples costume. There are a couple of male licensed costumes available on the market. Can be used for Rodney, from Only Fools & Horses. Early cartoons have Robin wearing shorts, but most licensed costumes have full length jumpsuits.

Superman made his first appearance in 1938 in DC Comics and has remained a firm favourite ever since. although a cartoon character originally, he went on to star (played by Christopher Reed) in many superman Hollywood blockbusters and also a very popular television series (played by Dean Cane). His costume of a blue jumpsuit with a large S on the front and red cape are largely unchanged throughout the years.

The Joker
Enemy of Batman, makes a great couple costume with any other Batman character. The Joker’s first appearance was in DC comics in 1940. Although The Joker’s costume has changed a bit from his incarnation, the clown like face with huge grin remain. Traditionally, The Joker wore a purple tailcoat and hat and has green hair. Heath Ledger played The Joker in The Dark Knight (but died halfway through). The Dark Knight Joker has a scar across his mouth. Licensed costumes for The Joker (Based on The Dark Knight’s Costume) are available.

Jack Sparrow
Lead character from The Pirates Of the Caribbean, Jack is played by Johnny Depp and is solely responsible for kick starting pirates as a fancy dress theme again. Jack Sparrow appears in the first of the Pirates of The Caribbean series of films (the Curse Of The Black Pearl in 2003). A huge market of pirate accessories have developed around the distressed pirate look which are ideal for a Jack Sparrow costume. A licensed costume is also available, but there are lots of unlicensed distressed pirate costumes available that should also suffice for this well loved character.

The (Incredible) Hulk – hire only
The Hulk is a Marvel Comics character first seen in 1962. The character has gone on to star in television series and films. Although licensed costumes are available, this character can be created with green body paint and ripped shorts. The character also has black short cropped hair.
A note of warning regarding body paint. Most face paint that you would purchase for this character would be a water based product. This means that it will rub off onto clothing and furniture. It also means that you will be able to remove it at the end of the night (always a bonus!)

Captain Hook – hire only
Enemy of Peter Pan (see below). Captain Hook first appeared in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan in 1904. His appearance in Disney’s Peter Pan in 1953 made him one of our favourite villains. He is normally shown wearing a Georgian style frock coat, long curly black hair and of course, has a hook. Originally his hook was on his right hand, but Disney has the hook in the left. There are many pirate costumes and accessories available to create this character. There have been many variations of this character from the original book, through to the Disney and finally the numerous television series and films.

Scooby Doo- Loveable character from the hit television and film, of the same name. A licensed costume is available.

Peter Pan – hire only
Lead character of JM Barries’s Peter Pan (see Captain Hook above). In the original book, Peter Pan is described as wearing autumn leaves, but most people use Disney’s costume version which includes a short green tunic, a cap with a feather, with cloth like tights and red, auburn hair and elf like ears. An official costume for adults is not available, but look for Christmas elf costumes that should suffice.

Shrek – hire only
Lead character in Shrek, the 2001 hit film by Dreamworks. Shrek is a loveable ogre and as such it is a difficult costume to create. Many fancy dress hire shops will have a version for hire. The licensed costumes are hard to get in the UK, although some companies have imported them from America

Henry VIII – hire only
King of England 21 April 1509 until his death in 28 January 1587. Most famous for his six wives and splitting the church of England from The Roman Catholic Church. Henry VIII was a portly figure with auburn hair and beard. Wear a rich, elaborate Tudor costume.

The Mask – hire only
The Mask is a superhero character from the film of the same name (1994) starring Jim Carey. The character is known for a green mask, yellow fedora and yellow zoot suit. This was one of our top male characters, but recently although still popular, has dropped down our list.

Freddie Mercury

The late lead singer of the pop / rock group Queen. Freddy was a very flamboyant character and costume inspiration could be gained by looking at some of the videos made for song, such as ‘I Want To Break Free’ where he is dressed as a French Maid. Costumes are available that would be suitable for this character

Boy George
Lead singer of the 80s group Culture Club. Famous for his weird sense of humour, hats and over the top make up. Costumes are available to purchase that would be suitable for this character.

Michael Jackson
The late American Pop star, found fame originally in his family’s group The Jacksons. Michael Jackson is a great choice for a male character costume as he was known for wearing many individualist costumes, many of which are now licensed and available to purchase. It is also possible to purchase accessories including sequin gloves and black fedora hats to help you to create the look of this pop idol at home.

Charlie Chaplin
Famous ‘Silent era Film’ actor. Charlie Chaplin is always a popular male character as it is very simple, and cheap, to achieve his distinctive look. All you need is a black suit, white shirt, black tie. Add a small black moustache, bowler hat and a cane and your outfit is complete.

Freddy Krueger
Fictional character from ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. His first appearance was in 1984, so is a great choice for an 1980s fancy dress theme. There are lots of Freddy Krueger merchandise on the market and you can buy individual items such as masks, gloves and hats, or a complete costume. His signature look is one of a burnt face, bladed glove (on one hand only) distressed fedora and a striped jumper.

Hero of the Toy Story series of animated films. First seen in 1995. Voiced by Tom Hanks, Woody is a cowboy toy owned by Andy. A licensed costume is available. Woody wears blue jeans, yellow shirt with a black and white waistcoat, brown cowboy boots, red neck scarf and a brown cowboy hat. Pair with other Toy Story characters for a great couples costume.

Dracula, or Count Dracula to give him his full title, first appeared in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. A staunch favourite all year round and not just at Halloween. This is a simple costume that you can put together at home with one of two fancy dress accessories. The most important item are the teeth. There are lots of different vampire fangs available on the market (please read instructions fully before inserting into your mouth). A cape is also a great idea for a dramatic effect. Wear a white shirt and a bow tie and black trousers. Fake blood on your shirt (be warned it WILL stain it permanently) and a little trickling out one side your mouth will make this outfit look fantastic.

Bart Simpson
Son of Marge & Bart Simpson, made famous in the television cartoon series The Simpsons. Bart first appeared in December 1989 and has a yellow body (face paint is available) and wear a red tee shirt and blue shorts.

Homer Simpson
Father to Bart (see above). Homer again is yellow and wear a white tee shirt and blue jeans – an easy character to put together at home.

Roman General who was a lover to Cleopatra (good couples costumes) and was assassinated by those he thought of as friends. You can wear a Roman toga or a Roman Gladiator’s costume to portray this character.

Mark Antony
Supporter of Julius Caesar (see above) and also became a lover of Cleopatra (so another good couples choice, this lady did get around!). To be honest the costume choices are the same as Caesar. Many Roman accessories are available on the market including Roman armour, laurels, swords, breastplates, helmets and sandals.

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