Saw Costumes

Saw Costumes

Some horror film franchises get the general public’s attention and Saw is one of them. With official costumes available to purchase, or the option of putting your own costume together with just the masks, Saw’s popularity continues every year.

The Saw films (there have been seven since 2004) are arguably a leading example of what has been termed torture porn. You might think the Saw theme ride at Thorpe Park was scary, but these films are in a class of their own and not for the faint-hearted. Without giving too much away (because that would be cruel) the films were initially based on the hunt for a miscreant called the Jigsaw Killer, Jigsaw for short. Jigsaw delights in settling his subjects various tests and puzzles by which in theory, they may redeem themselves of crimes and wrongdoings in their past, but through lack of rational thought or terror of their situation, more usually end up mutilated or dead. He gains his nickname because he carves a jigsaw-shaped piece of flesh from his victims, although he would argue that he does not kill them, they choose to kill themselves. An additional factor is that the killer himself is terminally ill but he succeeds in gaining accomplices (willing or otherwise) who will help continue his warped form of retribution.

This successful franchise has spawned two Saw costumes, both of which have proved popular in past Halloweens. The first is Billy the Puppet, a ventriloquist doll-type character in a suit and bow tie which Jigsaw uses, through electronics, as a mouthpiece to communicate with or taunt his victims.

The costume comes with a mask which, although undoubtedly effective, may be restrictive when it comes to eating, speaking etc. In theory, with a little effort and some derma wax (artificial skin/putty material) to build up the cheeks, it is possible to do a Billy Puppet face with make-up, but it depends upon your level of dedication to the character. It is also possible to purchase the Saw Mask.

The other character is rather simpler, but again mask-based with no make-up alternative this time. This is Pig-Head, a character based on plain (or blood-splattered) black robe topped with a pigs-head, the mask styled as being decaying, reflecting the disease and rot both of Jigsaws cancer and his attitude to his fellow humans. The outfit is used by Jigsaws accomplices in disguising themselves to help terrify their prey (amongst other reasons). It is also possible to purchase the Saw Pig mask

As the last film was subtitled ‘The Final Chapter’ the Saw series may have come to an end, but we think there is still plenty of scare value in these costumes.

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