Superhero Costume Ideas

Superhero Costumes – take a look at all of our Superhero costumes


  • Batman Batman 1st appeared in 1939 and is known throughout the world. Various incarnation s have appeared from his early appearances in comic books (think Del Boy & Rodney) right through to his Dark Knight sinister look.
  • Robin not a true superhero but as Batmans sidekick, he gets on the list.
  • Superman 1st appeared in 1938. He wears a blue jumpsuit with a large S on the front, red shorts (worn over the jumpsuit what is it with these superheroes?) and a large red cape with another S on the back. A difficult costume to reproduce at home and official costumes are available to purchase.
  • Supergirl The female to DC Comics Superman. 1st appeared in 1959. Various official costumes are available to purchase.
  • Batgirl A DC Comic character 1st appeared in 1961. Various costumes have been developed over the years. Official costumes are now available
  • Catwoman – A DC Comic character that first appeared in 1940. Various costumes have featured in Batman films with the black catsuit as being the most iconic imagethat seems to have lasted the test of time
  • Wonder Woman following her 1st appearance in 1941 Wonder Woman has been seen in comic books, television and films. Costumes do vary but usually involve shorts, or a short skirt, bodice, cape and red boots. Official costumes are available.
  • Green Lantern a new range of licensed costumes are available. 1st appeared in 1959. Costume consists of green jumpsuit, gloves and eye mask.
  • Spiderman Spideys 1st appearance was in 1962. Since then he has been one of the most popular superhero costumes. Official costumes are available.
  • Night Owl Another Watchmen character. Night Owl has an official costume that you can purchase.
  • Silk Spectre A very sexy ladies superhero costume take a look at all of our Watchmen costumes. Official costumes are available to purchase. Silk Spectre appeared in DC Comics as part of the Watchmen group of superheroes.
  • Captain America 1st appearance in 1941. Official costumes are available as this is a costume that would be difficult o put together at home. A ladies costume is available if you are looking for couples superhero costume ideas.
  • Iron Man a difficult costume to put together at home, official costume is available.1st appeared in 1963
  • Rorschach Part of The Watchmen group of Superheroes. Rorschach 1st appeared in 1986. Official costumes are available
  • The Hulk The Hulk has had a few different looks from various films following his 1st appearance in 1962. It is a costume you could put together at home with some padding, ripped clothing and some green face paint. Official costumes are available
  • The Thing one of the team from The Fantastic Four. 1st appeared in 1961. A difficult costume to replicate due to the lizard like skin of the character.
  • Storm
  • Mr Fantastic 1st appearance in 1961. Part of The Fantastic Four. Difficult costume to replicate as the character becomes very long and stretchy.
  • Human Torch 1st appeared in Marvel Comics and is another member of the Fantastic Four. This character becomes a mass of flames and will be quite difficult to replicate.
  • Thor Based on mythology, this is The God of Thunder. Wear a Greek, or Roman, warrior costume
  • Invisible Woman a Marvel comics creation. 1stappeared in 1961 as is part of TheFantastic Four.
  • Mr & Mrs Incredible 1st appeared in a Walt Disney animated film in 2004. The Incredibles are a superhero family, every member has special powers. Official Incredible costumes are available to purchase.
  • Wolverine another X Men superhero character who 1st appeared in 1974. Official costumes are available as this costume would be difficult to reproduce at home.
  • The Flash 1st appeared in 1959. Costume consists of a red jumpsuit with yellow lightning flash on a white background circle. Official costumes are available
  • Captain Marvel
  • Green Arrow a cross between Robin Hood and Bruce Wayne. 1st appearance in 1941.
  • Judge Dredd 1st appeared in 1977. The 1990s Sylvester Stallone film did not do very well
  • Dr. Strange you could always wear a doctors coat with a name badge on it for adifferent approach to this fan cy dress theme. Dr. Strange first appeared in Marvel comics in 1963.
  • The Crow first appeared 1989. Gothic costume, all dark and brooding. The Crow is a lost soul back from the dead to avenge his and his fiances death.
  • Jesse Custer a former preacher, so dress up in a vicars costume. This character is hard drinking and smokes (we do stock fake cigarettes), first appeared in 1995
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a great choice for a group of 4. First appeared in 1984. Official costumes are available
  • Professor X Charles Xavier dream is for mutant and humans to work together. He started the X Men. Wear a Professor (or doctors) white coat with Professor X on it! First appearance 1963
  • The Spirit 1st appearance 1940. Wear normal clothes and a fedora hat and a small eye mask
  • Megamind resembles the Mekon, an evil green creature with a large cranium who flew around on a small personal transporter and was the enemy of space-hero Dan Dare in the British Eagle comic of the 60s, but hes more of a greyish skin colour. The star of a 2010 animated feature, costumes for this character have been marketed in the States but are not easy to find in Britain.


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