Christmas Party Costumes

Christmas Party Costumes
Christmas is also the season of the Office Party, but this annual event (highlight of the year for some) is evolving so much that some firms are finding it easier to hire in external expertise to assist with the seasonal celebrations. Some firms even have the ‘Christmas Party’ after Christmas because venues are cheaper and people’s social diaries are less full!

For the most part, these events may just involve getting out the glad (or glam) rags, so costuming may not be involved, aside from novelty accessories such as flashing ties or earrings. On the other hand, for men, there are some interesting suits based on the ‘traditional Christmas jumper’ concept recently on the market or for the joker in the pack, there is always the Xmas version of the morphsuit, and for the more daring the mankini or sexy boxer shorts – perhaps not to be recommended on a cold winter’s day or night!

However, the party might involve a themed event in the workplace itself, or going ‘off-site’ to a purpose-built all-in-one venue. If the firm is supplying themed entertainment, you might want to enter into the spirit of the occasion with costumes from ourselves – we have experience in corporate costume hire (and the testimonials to prove it) and will be pleased to help. Whether you are an organiser or party participant – just contact us here at Props and Frocks.

During the party season, females often want something a little more fun and flirty, and aside from the selection of costumes in our Sexy Selection, which range from Pirates and Policewomen to Brides and Bumble Bees, we have a diverse range of fairies with which to weave some seasonal magic. Alternatively, if you have got a favourite party outfit or ‘signature costume’ and just want to ‘accessorise’, there are wings, halos, wigs, wands and almost anything else you might need to create the right look.

Fairy Tale & Pantomime
Fairy tale and Pantomime characters are very much part of the Festive Season and so you might choose to dress up as one of these. We have a great selection of pantomime costumes for your to choose from, but as a general overview, the emphasis is on over-the-top and colourful. There is also an opportunity for some cross-dressing!
We have Snow White costumes in a selection of styles, or, this being a season where a girl can be glamorous given the right opportunity (and location), a Cinderella ball-gown can create quite an impression (and it doesn’t have to be returned by midnight). For those wishing to complement this Belle of the Ball, we have a selection of Prince Charming Georgian-style outfits, or if your ambitions lie with a different Belle, the heroine of Beauty and the Beast, we can provide this costume as well. Check out our Pantomime Costume Ideas for a wider range of fairy tale and pantomime costume ideas

Of course if you are actually involved with a drama group putting on a pantomime over the Christmas period, you may also require other characters aside from those already mentioned.  We have a lot of experience helping kit out various productions.  Aside from the leading characters, including the Pantomime Dame, one of the more popular requests we receive is for the Pantomime cow.  The two-person cow may not be practical for parties (although that does not stop some people), but it’s a must-have costume for many of the seasonal productions.