Novelty Christmas Costumes

Novelty Christmas Costumes
For those wanting costumes that are a little bit different, why not check out our selection of Novelty costumes and accessories? Not only are these great for Christmas parties, but they can be equally useful for Christmas Fairs and other seasonal events, where one might be called upon to enter into the seasonal spirit.

Christmas Tree – Like many novelty costumes, most Christmas Tree costumes on the market are based on foam, but advances in LED Christmas light & battery technology enable you to go beyond the basic model and really light up the party. In addition, hang a few gifts wrapped in a soft wool/fabric material on your costume and you can make your presents felt!

Christmas Pudding – On the hire market you can find some well-constructed Xmas pudding costumes, usually based on a circular body-shape (tricky if it comes to sitting!) and a holly/white sauce headpiece. The more basic models may be flat-form foam based, but still good fun, and a novel idea!

Gingerbread Man – A character who has gained popularity following appearances in the Shrek movies, the Gingerbread Man outfit may be a popular festive choice.

Reindeer – Full mascot reindeer costumes are available, or accessorise with accessory kits or reindeer antlers.

Snowman – There are a selection of fun Snowman costumes and accessories available for both adults and children.

Donkey – Another great alternative novelty outfit is a Donkey costume, I mean how did Mary get to Jerusalem? Also, can be used for animal or Shrek themed costume events.

Turkey – As with the American thanksgiving in November, the Turkey has become a part of the traditional Christmas feast. We have a great fun novelty Turkey costume, which is also useful for those retailers wanting to promote their festive fare.

For a touch of originality (apart from others who read this), how about an outfit involving a frog in a Christmas hat – the MistleToad!

If you don’t want to go the whole hog and would just prefer to get into the Christmas spirit with accessories, why not check out our selection of Christmas Novelty Hats? These come in a range of styles, from the traditional standard red and white, through to mini ones on headband and include reindeers, Christmas Trees and even Santa stuck down a chimney.