Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Top Ten Halloween Costumes

When choosing your perfect Halloween costume sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you want to go with a traditional outfit such as a Cat, Devil, the Grim Reaper, Witch or Wizard?  Or do you want something a bit more adventurous? Listed below are our top 10 Halloween Costumes to guide you through the Halloween selection.

10. Pumpkin One of the more traditional Halloween costumes, being based on a simple foam-based body in most cases. Great for kids and adults. Our Pumpkin Morphsuit costume continues to be one of our best selling Mens Halloween costumes

9. Skeleton A mainstream Halloween outfit, this has been on the back-burner for a few years, but was resurrected in recent years, with a twist, as the Voodoo Lord of the Dead and also the Sugar Skull look. The Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ video, which channels the ‘Skull-face look’ also helped. Another variation is the Skeleton Zombie costume. Take a look at our Skeleton costumes – ideal for this year’s Halloween events.

8. Witch (or Wizard) Witches are always popular at Halloween (if only for a short spell). Despite the departure of Harry Potter and his friends, the Wizard market is holding up reasonably well because, there can be both male and female wizards. That said, they are still not as popular as their traditional female counterpart, the Witch. We stock a great range of witch costumes & accessories, whether you choose to wear a sexy witch outfit, or stick to something a bit more traditional.

7.  Corpse Bride. A bit of a sleeper hit, especially as the film itself was released a few years ago, but they say you can’t keep a good bride down – even when she’s six foot under! This is a costume for which you can utilise any white bride costume. Emily (the Bride) was fairly ‘clean’ (despite a bluish skin tinge with the onset of death), but you can add some liquid latex and fake blood to get the best gory bride look you can if you wish. We have a Corpse Bride Costume on special offer, add some fake blood and you have a unique looking Halloween fancy dress costume. An alternative is the Skelton Bride, a counterpart to Baron Samedi and a variation on the Sugar Skull look mentioned above.

6. Beetlejuice A costume from the Tim Burton stable. This popular character is not too scary and the black/white striped ill fitting suit is a great visual concept not only for Halloween, but also for 1980s and Movie parties. Recently a female Beetlejuice costume has become available.

5. Vampire Thanks to the Twilight series and First Blood, the Vampire look has been in for the past few years. Traditionally Dracula has been the favoured Vampire and with our fantastic selection of capes for sale, this is an easy look to recreate. Using white and black make-up (which is available for purchase) for an unnatural pallor and the sleepless look, add our fangs to fully create the vampire and away you go.

The range of coloured contact lenses we stock are also great to give that bloodthirsty stare. Take a look at our huge range of vampire accessories.

Despite a recent surge in enthusiasm for zombies, Vampires are set to remain as THE top Halloween costume as it is so easy to put your own costume together without the need of purchasing a complete costume. With so many films having a vampire theme set in the modern day it has become even easier.

For Vampire make-up advice check our make-up tips (see left navigation).

4. Scream  This is a relatively simple but effective costume, based on Ghostface from the Scream movies, and he takes over where the Grim Reaper leaves off.  A black jagged robe, scream knife and mask is all that’s needed to create the ultimate scary look.

3. Cat A witch’s familiar and symbol of luck, the head to toe black feline look can prove quite the cat’s whiskers for the scary season. For those females who do not really want to do the scary route, this is a fantastic costume. Maybe you already have a black outfit you would like to wear?  Why not team it up with one of our cat fancy dress accessories? We stock a wide range to help you to create your Halloween outfit. And if you do not already have a suitable black base, then team the accessories with one of our fantastic catsuits to create the perfect feline look.

2. Miss Scissorhands Taking over from the popularity of Edward Scissorhands has been the female version Miss Scissorhands. This may be great for Movies parties but it has also become one of the must-have female costumes for Halloween. 

1. Zombie Costumes This is the most popular Halloween line as it works well for both males and females and, proving the zombie theme cannot be done to death, the zombie films just keep on coming – look out for ‘Life After Beth’ this season. There are, of course, plenty of off-the-peg zombie outfits available, and the range of professional zombie outfits have been flying out (here to die, gone tomorrow). For those on a budget, the zombie outfit has the benefit of being able to be thrown together from almost anything. We also stock some great zombie scars and zombie skin (or liquid latex) which is brilliant at helping you to create a peeling skin look.


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