Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treating? Our Top Ten Tips for a safe, and enjoyable, Halloween

Having got your Halloween costumes all sorted, are you & the kids getting ready to go out trick or treating? Traditionally, Halloween itself, October 31st is the correct day for knocking on the neighbours’ doors. However, because this is sometimes a school night, we know that Trick or Treating may not always happen on the 31st October.Props & Frocks has a great range of kids Halloween costumes in stock for hire or to purchase

Please be aware that old,or vulnerable people may find people knocking on their door very intimidating, and frightening, so please make sure that people are aware that you will be knocking on their doors. A good sign is to look for Halloween decorations in windows, or on the front porch, this normally indicates that the residents are happy to welcome Trick or Treaters.

We would like to know that all our customers and their families will be enjoying themselves, so we thought we should take the opportunity to focus on everybody having a safe Halloween. Here are our top ten tips for a safe Halloween.

Top Ten Trick or Trick Safety Tips

  1. If youre going to trick or treat, at least make an effort. Throwing on a cheap cape and a mask just to do some door-to-door begging doesnt always get brownie points or treats.
  2. Make sure your costume is warm and easy to wear (i.e. not so long you, or others, can trip over it), wear sensible shoes (youre walking a lot) and if you must carry a weapon prop (not always a good idea these days), make sure its harmless and bendy.
  3. Make sure that if you are wearing a mask you can actually see out of it. You mayneed to make the eye holes a bit bigger. Be especially careful crossing roads.
  4. Never trick or treat on your own even ghouls and little monsters are allowed to have friends.
  5. Trick or treating children should always take an adult with them And most adults jump at the chance to re-live the Trick or Treating of their youth. We stock a large range of adult Halloween costumes for Mum, Dad or an older brother or sister
  6. Respect the fact that not everyone (especially the elderly) likes the concept of Trick or Treat avoid any household which displays a No Trick or Treat notice in their window. Look for houses with a pumpkin or other Halloween decorations on show as a sign of Trick or Treat friendly territory.
  7. Define your route and make sure you stick to it (and make sure that others know your route as well) try to keep to well-lit streets and avoid having to cross major roads driving at night can be scary enough without having to deal with unexpected Undead and the like and its not a good idea to try trick or treating motorists anyway.
  8. Always carry a working torch with you. Not only is it useful for making sure you can see where youre going in dark areas, it also creates a great spooky effect if you hold it under your chin to light your face. Never carry a real candle as all fancy dress costumes must be kept well away from fire.
  9. Have a good meal before you go out to trick or treat. Despite the fact that youre picking up goodies on your travels, its safest not to eat what you get in the dark: You cant always read the contents and ingredients labels, and its best to wait until you get home to check out its all safe to eat.
  10. Never talk to strangers or accept invitations into their houses. Admittedly Halloween is the night to see strange people wandering the streets but not the time for home visits.

Despite the name, always thank people for treats and don’t play nasty tricks –¬†angry people can have a way of turning nasty. Throwing eggs, emptying bins, spraying cream foam create a bad name for all Trick & Treaters which is unfair when the majority of kids are just out for a bit of harmless fun!

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