Werewolf Costume Ideas

Werewolf Costume Ideas


Werewolves remain one of the most popular men’s Halloween costumes mainly due to the success of films such as An American Werewolf in London (which inspired Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video),¬†and, more recently, the Twilight series and the Underworld films. It is also one of those Halloween costumes that is relatively easy to put together yourself (see further down) with just the need to purchase a few of our Werewolf accessories. Because of this Props & Frocks stocks a great range of werewolf accessories so your can put your own unique werewolf outfit together at home.

Our range of werewolf accessories includes:

  • Teeth
  • Masks various types
  • Theatrical hair to stick to parts of your body, or out of your clothing
  • Liquid Latex to give your skin a peeling look, or to use to fix the theatrical hair
  • Werewolf kit gives you hair around your hairline
  • Hairy gloves
  • Ripped shirt
  • Special optical effect lenses

Make Your Own Werewolf Costume
The easiest way to create a werewolf inspired outfit is to first of all decide on some old clothes that you are willing to sacrifice. Rip these clothes as if they have been torn, but maintaining your decency! You may also want to ‘distress’ the clothing using sandpaper to take the newness out of the rips. Using some of our theatrical hair attach the hair as if it is coming out of the rips in your clothes. You can sew, or glue, this in place.

Either use a werewolf facial hair costume kit to create hair on your face, or more theatrical hair, or just wear a werewolf wig, or mask. Some people really do not like wearing masks, so we do stock a mask that leaves your lower face uncovered, or of course, you could just wear some fancy dress make up

Liquid latex is ideal to help you to attach the facial hair and to create some peeling effects on the skin (but remember to only use latex on hairless skin if you want to avoid some discomfort come removal time), then add some werewolf teeth to complete the effect.

For various reasons, fewer females choose to be werewolves, but you can easily create a sexy ladies werewolf look by ripping up your clothes but using the theatrical hair carefully around the face etc.

Music To Play at a Werewolf Event

  • Werewolves in London
  • Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Wolf Like Me
  • Werewolf
  • Wolfmoon
  • You’re a Wolf
  • Full Moon Night
  • Bark At the Moon
  • Full Moon

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