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Masks - Various Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy Dress Masks

Masks are at their most popular at halloween, however they do not need to be limited to this time of year. There are masks now available that are far easier to wear and some allow you to eat and drink normally.

Be aware that wearing a mask will cause your vision to become more limited. We recommend children that are wearing a mask are supervised whilst. Props & Frocks cannot accept any liability for accidents that occur whilst wearing a mask.

Animal Face Bobs

The face bobs have been a great addition to our range of masks. They come in many animal variations and even have animal noises (if you push their nose). What is even better about these masks is that they leave the mouth and the majority of the face free. Face bobs have proved extremely popular with both children and adults. Ideal for school plays

Face bobs are available in:


Famous People Masks

We stock a selection of famous people masks. You are able to wear your own clothes and pop on a mask to become the person you want. The range for these masks is growing all the time, at the moment it includes pop stars like Alice Cooper & Michael Jackson; Royalty including The Queen, Prince Charles & Camilla; Television Stars, Del Boy & Rodney, and many many more.

Halloween Masks

This is the largest section of our masks. Some characters are famous for their mask, such as Hannibal Lector and the Jason hockey mask. some of our Halloween masks cover your head completely, where others only cover the top of your head, to allow you to eat and drink easily. Masks are available for Devils to pirates, please browse through the many styles we have.

History of Masquerade

Venice is the centre for masquerade masks. Carnevale is a pre-lent celebration and has been established since the middle ages. Splendid decorated gondola processions were organised along the Grand Canal.

The elaborate masks were a way of escaping the very strict rules surrounding moral behaviour and standards. People of different social class were not encouraged to mix. During Carnevale everyone, be it a king or a servant would be addressed as Sior Maschera or Mr. Mask. A masked person, due to the anonymity of the mask could gain access to places, which were normally forbidden and could shed inhibitions. Even if you recognised the person, you would not make it known. Some masks made it impossible to tell if the wearer was male or female. Many an illicit affair continued under the secrecy of the mask.

Carnival was outlawed by the fascist government in the 1930s. It was not until a modern mask shop was founded in the 1980s that Carnival enjoyed a revival.
At Props & Frocks we have a fantastic range of eyemasks suitable for a masked ball and at prices to suit every budget. We have a huge choice for men as well as women. We have noticed that our customers are having more 'mask' parties or masked balls than ever before. The most popular time to have a masked ball is New Year, but the trend seems to be more parties during the summer months.

So why are masquerade parties so popular? Well, it may be because people can participate and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. You get all the benefits of a 'costume' party such as the party starting almost immediately, without the need for your guests to have to hire or purchase a costume. A mask party is also a theme that everyone can join in, even if they do not normally 'dress up'.

Eyemasks come in such a range of colours that you should be able to chose your perfect mask from our huge range. We also have some plain masks that, if you ar artistic, you may wish to add your own decoration to make it completely unique.

The masks are secured to your face by 1 of three ways:

* Elastic - fixed at either side of the mask. The elastic goes around the back of your head and is a flexible fit for everyone.
* Headband - The mask is secured on a headband. The benefit to the wearer is that you are able to move the mask, up to the top of your head, and out of the way, as the evening progresses.
* Stick - The mask is fixed to a stick that you hold in your hand. The advantages of this, is that your hairstyle is not messed up. On the downside, you do need to hold the mask to your face, which may become tedious after a while.

If you decide to have your own masked ball, we would recommend that you purchase a few extra 'budget' masks that you can hand out to guests who have 'forgotten' their own mask! The aim is to get everybody to participate as this will help to create a fabulous atmosphere that all your guests will enjoy and talk about for months.