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Punk Fancy Dress Accessories

Punk Fashion History

Punk is an anti-establishment movement that emerged in the mid 1970s in America. It became very popular in the UK during the late 1970s and remained popular in the 1980s.

The clothes suited the lifestyle of those with limited cash due to unemployment and the general low income of young people. Old clothes from charity shops were purchased. Whilst torn fabrics, frayed edges and defaced prints are now considered normal in the 21st century, in the 1970s it shocked many people, because it had never been seen before. Malcalm Maclaren & his girlfriendd, designer Vivienne Westwood were the leaders in bringing punk to the forefront.

Trousers were deliberately torn to reveal laddered tights and dirty legs. They were worn with heavy Doc Martens boots by both young men and women. Safety pins and chains held bits of fabric together. Neck chains were made from padlocks and chain and even razor blades were used as pendants.

Body piercing in the 1980s became fashionable for punks. The punks had studs and pins in facial body parts such as eyebrows and cheeks, noses or lips. Luckily for you, you do not need to go through the actual pain of having body piercings to create this punk look, take a look at our fake body piercings, they look realistic and will raise a few eyebrows! Tattoos were added to the body deliberately to cause offence.

A major part of the punk look was the hair which was often spiked into a Mohican hairstyle by a variety of means including sugar and water solutions, pva glue, hair sprays and hair gel. Punk Mohicans, or Mohawks are able to be purchased to complete your punk costumes.

Hair was coloured with food dyes (just don't get caught in the rain!). It was intended to startle the onlooker and attract attention.

An alternative look was to shave areas of the scalp. Both sexes did this. They intended to make themselves look intimidating. Hair was sometimes dyed jet black or bleached white blonde. Eyes were emphasised with black make up and vampire like lips drew more attention to the face.

It is easy to produce your own punk fancy dress costume by doing exactly what the kids in the 70s and 80s did - ripping up old clothes, adding chains and safety pins. Check out our range of punk accessories that will help you to complete your own outfit
Punk Fancy Dress Accessories

The punk look can be easy to achieve if you do not mind ripping some old clothes. There are plenty of punk accessories that can be purchased to finish off your required look. Personally, I think the punk look is a great costume to put together and suits people of all sizes and ages. Our range of accessories is growing rapidly with punk tartan trousers and actual punk costumes as part of our selection.

Props & Frocks stocks the following accessories for your punk look:
Fake Piercings
Black Lipstick
Punk Gloves
Studded & Spiked Chokers
Tartan Trousers
Studded & Spiked Wristbands
Tattoo Sleeves
Punk Costumes

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Punk Fancy Dress Characters:

Take a look at some of the leaders of the punk revolution. Hopefully we have given you some inspiration in dressing up as a punk.

Sid Vicous
Nicholas Traina
Johnny Rotten
Vivian Westwood
Malcom Maclaren
Cindy Lauper