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Make-up Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy Dress Make Up

The Snazaroo make-up sold on this site is the leading UK supplier of face paints and is tested to the current UK safety legislation. The fancy dress make up stocked is suitable to use on the lips and hair. Only use face paints that comply to the FDA requirements and have a 'child toy safety rating' (Snazaroo has both). Always use water based paints that will wash off easily.

Please test by applying make up to a small area and check for any reaction.
Please follow makers instructions.

The most popular time of the year for make up has got be to Halloween. due to demand, we always increase our stocks for the demand for Halloween make up. We make sure that we will not run out of fake blood, white make up, sponges and make up brushes. Most Halloween costumes will need some form of make up to complete the entire outfit.

We also sell theme make up kits. These kits offer 3 colours, normally enough to do a few faces, and they are ideal for creating clowns and football faces. Crayon stocks, come with a selection of colours are ideal for creating butterfly and fairy faces and for small details, like Harry Potter's scar.

If you are unsure as to what make up you need to complete your fancy dress costume, just give one of our team a call. We are available 7 days a week.

Props & Frocks is not responsible for any side effects that may occur from using the make up.Due to hygiene reasons make up cannot be returned or refunded.
Top 10 Tips For Face Painting

1. Value your paints & brushes. Do not leave them lying around where people can get hold of them. Keep brushes clean.
2. Never paint someone with broken skin or a cold sore. Do not paint people who have colds. Infection can be spread. You can always paint a hand or a foot instead. Wash your own hands between each person. Always have plenty of tissues on hand for keeping your hands clean. Wet wipes are very good for wiping off mistakes and smudges. Make sure they are hypo-allergenic
3. If you need to cover a large area, such as a base, use a sponge and not a brush. Keep one sponge or brush per colour. When using a sponge, use as little water as possible. Once covered, pat the coloured area to have a nice smooth even coverage. If using a brush, use as much water as you need to make the paint flow easily on the face.
4. Apply 2 thin coats rather than 1 thick coat which may crack. Always wait for the 1st coat to dry before applying the 2nd. Always try and work from light to dark paints.
5. Do not make the design up as you go along. Plan the face before you start and keep the image in your head. Changes can always be made once you have finished.
6. The make up will act like a glue. Use puffed rice or wheat to form a walt, just cover the puffed rice with tissue and paint over. Large noses etc. can be made by using cotton wool soaked in the paint and then covered by tissue and painted over again. A ghostly effect can be obtained by giving a dusting with flour (make sure your subject closes their eyes). Glitter dust can also be put on to give the finishing touches to fairies, princesses or butterflies.
7. Stencils are available to purchase if you do not feel confident painting free hand.
8. Always take a mirror with you to show the person the finished face.
9. Limit the amount of faces you will do. This will speed up the decision process and you will be able to limit the amount of make up that you require.
10. Make sure that you have adequate insurance to paint faces. In the UK, members of FACE (UK Face Painting Association) get automatic public-liability insurance.