Cartoon Fancy Dress Theme

Girl's Snow White Costume

Girl’s Snow White Costume

Today’s fancy dress theme suggestion is cartoon for on  November 18th we say Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse, probably the most well known symbol of the Disney Corporation.  It was on this date in 1928 that the short animation Steamboat Willie was released. This was the first appearance of Mickey Mouse (who was almost called Mortimer) in a ‘speaking’ role after a cameo or two in Walt Disney’s early silent cartoons. A star was born and Mickey has since put in over 180 screen appearances (not to mention his work in other media such as comics and video games). He won his first Oscar in 1932 and helped Walt Disney achieve the record for the greatest number of Awards awarded to an individual. He is possibly the most recognisable cartoon character ever and even shared screen-time with his great Warner Brothers ‘rival’ Bugs Bunny in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. In tribute to this timeless legend, our theme today is ‘Cartoon Time’.

Now using the Cartoon theme opens up a wide range of costume suggestions and means you can still use some of Disney characters but you willget a broader range of costumes. Take a look at our cartoon costume suggestions but below is just few to get your brain cells working…

  • Scooby Doo costumes – a great idea if you want to go as a couple or a group
  • Flintstones – a great costume idea if you want to go as a couple or a group
  • Shrek – this gives a large range of costume suggestions as many famous fairytale characters show up in the series of films
  • Superheros – most superheros have appeared in comic books and as a cartoon on the television
  • Wizard of Oz characters – Oz is portrayed as a cartoon
  • Pink Panther

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