Comedy Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress theme suggestion is ‘Comedy’. Now we have choosen this costume theme today as we celebrate the birth

Groucho Glasses

Groucho Glasses

 of one of the great modern comedians – Billy Connolly. Born in 1942, Billy’s troubled early life has been well documented, but he moved from welding ships in the Glasgow docks through being a folk-singer with ‘The Humblebums’ (Gerry Rafferty of ‘Baker Street’ fame was a member) to the internationally renowned comedian and actor we know today. 

Having a theme just based on Billy Connolly, even we admit, would be quite difficult, so you could look at this theme in a couple of different ways.

You could attend the party wearing a funny of silly or joke costume (although most fancy dress costumes are generally guaranteed to raise a laugh, some are designed to be classed as a ‘novelty item’ from the off). At Props n Frocks we stock a large range of novelty fancy dress costumes, although please be warned some of them are not suitable for a party where children would be attending!

And then you can start to look at some of our famous comedians. Let’s take a look at just a few to give you some ideas…

  • Laurel & Hardy – an easy costume to put together, you may need to purchase a bowler hat and moustache
  • Charlie Chaplin – again a dark suit is required and we stock bowler hats, moustaches and canes to get the finished look
  • Dawn French – easiest to potray her as The Vicar of Dibley, although her partnership with Jennifer Saunders will also give you some brilliant ideas.
  • Jennifer Saunders, best known, without Dawn French as Edina in Absolutely Fabulous
  • Groucho Marx
  • Jim Carrey – dress up as one of his famous characters

Please drop us a line if you have a fantastic comedy idea as this will help others.

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