Gangster fancy dress

Gangster fancy dress costumes are perfect for just about anyone attending a fancy dress party. If you love the idea of an unknown and mysterious look then dressing up as a gangster is the right fancy dress outfit for you. If you want couples’ fancy dress costumes, then why not go as a gangster and a gangster’s moll?

The more authentic your fancy dress costume is, then the more people will see that you are a gangster and not just someone in a pinstripe suit. Here are some ideas of what you can wear to make you look as menacing as the authentic gangsters did in Chicago.

The best place to start is with the perfect suit. Your gangster’s suit should be black with pin stripes, and be mindful that gangsters were renowned for having a very clean, sharp and expensive taste. There is no limit to the calibre of suits that the gangsters wore during that time. For your fancy dress costume you do not need to buy the most expensive suit you can find to get the look of Al Capone.

To complete your gangster look, then you need to have the perfect accessories. Shoes were also quite important to a gangster. You will also need a stylish looking black-rimmed hat and a shirt and tie. Other accessories you can consider are a cigar, a pair of reflective sunglasses, and a small, neat moustache.

Whatever style of fancy dress costume you are looking for, here at PropsnFrocks we have just about every fancy dress costume that you may require.

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