Popular 1980s Ladies Fancy Dress Outfits

As it is for men, the 1980s fancy dress style for women is all about excess: bigger, louder and brasher simply ruled in the eighties. To many this means such a predominant style of dress of the era as ra-ra skirts or tailored suits with large shoulder pads, with the flamboyant New Romantic look being particularly popular. Many others, meanwhile, like to dress in the style of specific eighties pop bands, rock stars, superheroes or film icons such as Madonna, Wonder Woman, Fame, Blondie or Bananarama.

Women looking for that perfect outfit to evoke the 1980s power dressing era for their own fancy dress party will find just what they need at Props n Frocks. The shop sells a number of 1980s Madonna style costumes, including the gold outfit with cone bra, hair scrunchie and hot pants, and the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume (again Madonna inspired), the 80s Funky Pop Star costume with under top, lace over blouse, belt, net and lace skirt and leggings, and the 1980s Snake Jacket, available in assorted colours and sizes.

Additional accessories on sale for women at Props n Frocks include ladies fancy dress jewellery, wigs (such as the Cher Curly Wig), neon or lace gloves, microphones, fishnet tights and chokers. A lady wishing to get hold of a Madonna costume or any other outfit or accessory for a fancy dress party need look no further than Props n Frocks.

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