Why 80s Fancy Dress is Making a Comeback

Theme nights are a great way to make any party go off with a bang, and it doesn’t get much better than 80s nights. 80s fancy dress has risen in popularity in recent years, but why is it making a comeback?

That largely comes down to the fact that the 80s were long enough ago to instil a sense of nostalgia in most people. Those that were growing up during the 80s can relive their youth through 80s fancy dress costumes, and the whole decade is becoming incredibly fashionable again so even those that were born more recently can appreciate it.

The fact that the decade is becoming popular again probably explains why 80s fashion is flooding the high street. Power suits, cocktail dresses, leg warmers, ra ra skirts, leggings – all of these are readily available, making 80s fancy dress costumes particularly easy to source. A lot of costume retailers, such as Props n Frocks, also have an influx of suitable 80s fancy dress, meaning that dressing up for the decade has never been easier.

Let’s not forget the many films from the 80s that have recently enjoyed renewed popularity. The remake of Fame was a great success, and Patrick Swayze’s upsetting death has led many people to pine for Dirty Dancing. A lot of great 80s films have never really left, offering a wealth of choice when it comes to 80s fancy dress.

These are just a few reasons as to why 80s fancy dress is making a comeback, and there are sure to be many more besides. So, 80s fancy dress costumes should always be considered for anyone looking to impress at a party, and for a great range Props n Frocks should always be consulted.

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