A Bond Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress theme is ‘Bond’. We have decided upon this costume theme today as 85 years Shark Costume - Makes an appearance in Thunderball & live & Let Die ago on January 13th, the writer Michael Bond was born. Coincidentally, as we were mentioning Paddington in connection with our Underground theme earlier this week, he is, of course, best known for his creation ‘Paddington’, the Peruvian bear who was found at that station.

A Teddy Bear’s picnic might be a little limiting as a theme, but a Children’s Favourites party could certainly be mooted. For those who think that might be a bit childish (in the words of Scrooge – “Bah, humbug!), a more adult party could be on the cards with “The name’s Bond, … Bond”.  Naturally, the obvious choice would be James, but for those who like to be more creative, other options could be Brooke Bond (PG Tips Monkey) or Basildon Bond (envelope? town? or a well known fox combined with a teacher’s gown?).  We’re not too sure how you would depict Bond Street, which could be an interesting challenge!

We know our customers are very resourceful, but if you are short of time and don’t want to spend hours coming up with a fun idea, then why not let us help you out?

We are in the process of developing a new information page for Bond Movie costumes as we often have people come into the fancy dress shop and are not too sure as to what they can go dressed up in. Well, there are actually lots of costumes suggestions, we will list a few that you may not have thought of below, but we will keep you informed when our information page is ready for you to use for complete Bond costume inspiration.

  • Acrobat – in Octopussy. Wear a leotard, top hat and tails. Other circus acts in this filmBelly Dancer - appearance in The Man With The Golden Gun & The Spy Who Loved Me include Clowns
  • Baron Samedi – in Live & Let Die – we find many people take our Grave Groom costume for this character
  • Carnival Go-er – in Moonraker – wear Salsa costumes, bikinis
  • Chinese/Asian Coolie – Tomorrow Never Dies – Coolie costume
  • Egyptian Belly Dancer – features in the Man With The Golden Gun & The Spy Who Loved Me – wear a standard Belly dancer costume
  • Ernst Blofeld – features in You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever – wear a grey Nehru suit, bald head and eye scar. Similar to a Dr. Evil Costume
  • Frogman – in Goldfinger and Thunderball – wear a Diver’s costume
  • Geisha – You Only Live Twice – standard Geisha costume, wig and makeup
  • Gypsy Dancer – features in From Russia With Love – gypsy blouse, headdress, sash & skirt.
  • Jenny Flex – A View To a Kill – wears a riding jacket, jodhpurs, riding boots and carries a whip
  • Sheik – The Spy Who Loved Me – wear a standard Sheik Costume
  • Astronaut – You Only Live Twice & Moonraker
  • Martial arts Man – Moonraker – wear a black Ninja Costume
  • Wai Lin – Tomorrow Never Dies – Combat Fatigues
  • Soul Brother – Live & let Die – wear a black Pimp suit and afro wig

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