Adverts Themed Fancy Dress

We had to have an adverts costume theme today as it is apparently it’s Tony the Tiger’s BirthdayThunderbird Fancy Dress Outfits today, but as he is a Frosties cereal cartoon mascot (still going strong since the 1950s), we are not sure how this exact date was settled upon.

Anyway, this has got us noticing how many ‘advertising mascot characters’ have been springing up over the past few years – oddly enough, in the normally boring field of insurance. Obviously leading the field is Aleksandr Orlov of ‘Compare the Meerkat’, but we also have Gio Compario, the opera singer (of Go Compare), Cara Confused of, the girls from Sheila’s Wheels and everyone’s favourite bulldog, the eponymous Churchill. In the wider market (and there are costumes available for these) there is Bertie Bassett (who has the code-name Sweety-man for copyright reasons), the 118 duo from the long-running directory enquiry ads and, on the retro nostalgia front, the Green Cross Code man. We have got a PNF newsletter on adverts and commercials, although as this is a topic that ‘moves’ it may need updating. But included in this type of theme could be such past favourites as the Homepride Flour-Graders, the Tetley Tea Folk (now making a comeback), the Cadbury Gorilla, the Sisters of Murphy and the Orange Tango man.

Here are some other potential Advert Costume Ideas for you to think about…

  • Thunderbirds – Spec Savers
  • Robin Hood & Sheriff Of Nottingham – Go Compare
  • Cowboy Costume – Milky Bar Kid
  • Panda – Fox’s Biscuits
  • Polar Bear – Fox’s Glacier Mint
  • Fox – Foxy Bingo – we stock a lovely fox overhead mask
  • Monkey – Coco Pops, and if we are led to believe it, soon to be taken over by Jedward!
  • Dinner Suit – Milk Tray Man
  • Mr T – Snickers
  • Postman Pat – Spec Savers
  • Shrek – Sky
  • Dragon – Listermint
  • Bo Peep – Crunchie
  • Lone Ranger / Indian (Tonto) – Rolo
  • Skeleton – Scotch Video
  • Sailors – Persil
  • Penguin – Penguin Biscuits
  • Biggles style costume – Mr Sheen (polish)
  • Jester/ Minstrel – Minstrels
  • Frog – Budweiser
  • Bear – Hofmeister Beer
  • Tiger – Shell  ‘Tiger in your tank’
  • Bear – John West Salmon
  • Black Cat – Felix – take a look at our cat accessories
  • Black Horse – Lloyds
  • Robin Hood – Strong Bow
  • Cows – Cravendale Milk (can also use a cat costume)
  • Devil & Angel – Kit Kat
  • Cow wearing a crown or a King Costume- Burger King

We are sure you can think of more adverts that have a costuming edge to them, please let us know

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