‘The Seasons’ Fancy Dress Theme

We thought we would suggest a ‘Seasons’ fancy dress theme today. As we all know, in this countryHoney Bee Costumes we do enjoy talking about our lovely weather and, despite the bad weather of this winter, we thought we would take time to mention the Great Frost Fairs of London. On many occasions at this time of year, particularly during the 15th to 19th centuries, the Thames froze due to the river running slower and being blocked by ice at certain bridges narrowed by building-work.  Londoners and visitors would not only walk and skate across the ice, but also set up tents and entertainments and generally make the best of a bad situation. Also during these times, horse-drawn cabs found it easier to use the frozen river-surface than the normal congested streets! Of course there were dangers with thaws setting in, and lives were sometimes lost, but in honour of the Frost Fairs, and adapting the what the weather does to us all,  we thought we would declare a Seasons fancy dress theme.

So what can we offer you regarding costumes for this theme?

Winter – and we are really back to our Winter Wonderland blog, a few days ago, some of the suggestions of that blog are listed below…

  • Penguins – we stock a great penguin mask, and also costumes to buy and hire.
  • Snowmen – in stock all year round, although with the amount of snow we have had, you may not ever want to see another snowman again!
  • Father Christmas – good ol’ Santa, always a popular costume. Can also be used for a famous person, but is often forgotten. It may be worth taking a look at our range of Christmas costumes to get even more ideas.
  • Elves – Santa Helpers
  • Ice Skater
  • Reindeer costumes – accessory kits also available
  • Christmas Pudding Costumes
  • Christmas Tree Costumes
  • Angel Costumes
  • Nativity Costumes
  • Jack Frost – wear white and add some snow flakes and icicles for the right effectHawaiian Accessories


  • Easter Bonnets
  • Chick(en) Costumes
  • Easter Bunny Costumes



  • Halloween Costumes
  • Guy Fawkes Night – go as a firework or Guy Fawkes himself
  • Farmer – for Harvest

On the other hand, if you are fed up with thinking about the good ol’ British weather, then as Lewis Carroll, the esteemed author of the Alice books, died on this day in 1898, you could just have a Wonderland, or childrens Book costume theme, which offers a great deal of scope for costuming.

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