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If you are wearing a fancy dress costume this Christmas, today’s post will help you

Funny Costumes

Gingerbread Man – not the easiest costume to wear serving behind a bar!

choose the most appropriate costumes to wear.

There has been an increasing trend to ally some aspect of dressing up (or down) to various charities in the course of the year. Be that as it may, it is probably true to say that this period leading up to Christmas is a potentially fertile period for opportunities to dress up, from the special outfit saved to stun your work colleagues at the office ‘do’ to the potentially hazardous decision to dress up as Festive Characters in the run-up to Christmas. Whilst we cannot help on the minutiae of work-place politics, we do know our subject when it comes to costume (evening-wear, perhaps not so much, but we’ll give it a go if necessary). Here are a few pointers to help in your costume choice:

a) If you are working in an outfit, ensure it is fit for purpose: Whilst the newer foam-based novelty costumes are an improvement on the older-style costumes, make sure you can reach, bend and do all you need to do, without damage to either yourself or your outfit. Also, short and skimpy might work well for club-wear, but it might not be practical (or warm) in a work environment.

b) Overhead Masks might ‘make’ many a costume, but they are not always practical, if only for reasons of health and safety if your vision or hearing is impaired by the mask. Explore the possibilities of fancy dress make-up as an alternative.

c) Note that not all costume outfits have pockets or means of storing essentials. Look to an alternative which either works within the spirit of the outfit – Bo-Peep and a ‘Lamb-bag’, for example,  or some other method of storage which can be concealed about your person, without compromising the costume.

d) It might seem obvious, but it helps to forsee potential glitches beforehand: How are you getting to the venue?: Are there facilities for sorting out final preparations such as make-up at the event?; Are you able to ditch and store any accessories which are great for the Grand Entrance but become a potential liability thereafter?

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