Novelty Costumes

Yesterday, we discussed the two-person animal fancy dress costumes. Today, we thought we would take a look at someBanana Budget Costumes of the innovative, but “slightly” more practical costumes, which can also make a strong visual statement, i.e. the novelty costume.

Novelty costumes can basically be divided into two different areas. Firstly, there are the instantly recognisable outfits, which aside from the fun animal-style fancy dress, also includes items such as drinks, in the form of bottles of champagne, vodka or beer; food stuffs such as bananas, hot dogs, chilli peppers, and characters from video games or off the telly.

The second type of novelty costume is the joke costume. There are some jokes where everybody ‘gets’ the joke, but it is important to remember that there are some jokes which in the wrong environment do not go down well. Bearing in mind that the sport relief mile is directed at individuals, friends  and families, ‘jokes’ such as males dressing up as female characters, or going as a whoopee cushion may be perfectly acceptable. What is probably not suitable for “family viewing” is the rather more risqué joke fancy dress, such as the groping granny or some of the other rude novelty costumes. Although these might be suitable for a private gathering or a stag weekend if used for to run a mile in, you can be sure that not everybody will appreciate the joke.

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