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Yesterday, we were talking about some of the films which can engender costume requests, and we mentioned a couple from last year’s award ceremonies. This got us thinking about other films that cameFilm Fancy Dress Ideas out in 2011, which directly resulted in requests for costumes. Unlike other years, 2011 was not a great year for generating additional costume and accessory requests, for characters people had seen in the movies. The Green Hornet came out in January, but was not particularly mentioned when it came to the Heroes and Villains parties that occur throughout the year. We did see a small outbreak of adult Red Riding Hood requests in Spring of 2011, but that might not have been related to the film at all, as World Book Day and National Book Days and Weeks often initiate requests for this character.

As our requests for film costumes for a film themed fancy dress party remains constant, we are always looking at the new films to see what is going to be available.

Many of the large budget films will have associated costumes that have been licensed. Apart from licensed costumes costing quite a lot more than a standard generic costume, the main problem is that the film normally comes out way before the new costumes are available. It is quite usual for us to get quite a few requests for the ‘new’ film on the block, but actually by the time the costumes arrives for us to sell / hire, the requests have dried up and people have moved on to something new.

It is quite unusual now for a new film to have the lasting impact of say Superman has had through the years. So at Props & Frocks, we have to make sure that we think long and hard over which new costume ranges to get in, will it be a major success, or a damp squib? The joys of running a fancy dress shop and online business!

Why not take a look at our range of film costumes?

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