Toy Story Costumes

The new Toy Story film looks like it will be as good as the other 2. The film is being promoted quite a lot at the moment and should appeal to both adults and children.

Toy Story Costumes are always popular but at Props n Frocks, we are anticipating an increase in demand for costumes for the main characters, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie & Mr. Potato Head.

I have heard some people say that they thought it was a bit sinister in places for young children, and grown men were seen to be wiping away a tear (no, apparantly that is not true, they all had something in their eye!), so it will be interesting to see how it does at the cinema.

If yo have been to see the film, please letusknow what you thought of it.

New Costumes Just In

The costume range of an 80s themed fancy dress party just gets better and better. Props n Frocks now stocks a factory worker, suitable to wear as an Oompa Loompa costume, from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. We also now have blue gnomes, suitable to wear as a Smurf costume.

We will always keep you up date with new costumes and accessories that we get in every week.

How to Pick the Best Fancy Dress Outfits

Anyone looking for the perfect fancy dress outfits will undoubtedly have a lot of options in mind. It can seem difficult to know which one to go for, so here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect costume.

First up, it’s important to have a theme and stick to it. A specific decade or era would be a great place to start, and in that vein 80s fancy dress outfits are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a good idea to base the costume on a film, genre or even celebrity, and luckily there are plenty of options to suit just about everyone.

Once an idea is in place, it’s important to go somewhere that has a great selection of fancy dress outfits to choose from if the right decision is to be made. There are a lot of costume retailers out there, but the best option is bound to be Props n Frocks.

Props n Frocks has a great selection of all kinds of costumes, including a fantastic array of 80s fancy dress ideas. There are choices to suit everyone no matter what they’re looking for, and with great prices there’s no need to look anywhere else.

So, choosing the best fancy dress outfits largely depends on the theme that’s chosen and the place that’s visited to find them. 80s fancy dress would be well worth considering for the sheer variety of costumes that can be created, and for a great selection of fancy dress outfits Props n Frocks should definitely be considered.

Peace in the 60s

If someone said to you to think about 60s fancy dress costumes and fancy dress outfits, then what do you think you would see? It does not matter whether you were born during this time or not as you will definitely know what the 60s look is all about.

In the 60s, life for many people was all about the music and the groovy fashion statements. A typical 60s fancy dress outfit should have vibrant colours, and lots of it. Flowers were definitely in fashion with gorgeous groovy looking bell bottoms. Colours such as pink, red, orange and green in their brightest forms were extremely popular during the 60s. Watch Woodstock on DVD and think Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix.

If you are going to a 60s themed fancy dress party, then you should get some flared bottom pants and some groovy ruffled shirts to go with your look. Accessories such as hats with wide brims and sunglasses are also a great idea to wear with your fancy dress costume. Red lipstick was a great flower power look also – with flicked out hair and plenty of hairspray.

There are so many looks for you to choose from for 60s fancy dress costumes. When walking into your fancy dress party, don’t forget to give people the peace sign and really get into character.

If you want to wear a 60s style fancy dress costume, then here at PropsnFrocks, we have various 60’s outfits that will definitely get you noticed at your fancy dress party.

Back to the 80s

The thought of 80s fancy dress costumes may bring back happy memories for people who loved the 80s era. If you are thinking about buying a fancy dress outfit from the 80s era, then you should think about the wide range of options that you have.

The 80s was all about the varied music and the clothes. Something that you should think about when picking out your 80s fancy dress costume is the way that life was back then. The 80s was a time when just about anyone and everyone could find a reason to enjoy music; the unemployed and the yuppies needed to forget their troubles.

The 80s was all about funky clothes and fabulous hair-dos. Thinking back to these times will spark a feeling of nostalgia, giving you the perfect mind-set when choosing your fancy dress costume.

When choosing your 80s fancy dress outfit, think about the artists around at that time, such as Cyndi Lauper, Prince and Madonna. If you’re lacking inspiration, it may help to take a look a some of their music videos to mimick their style.

In the 80s, there was also the legendary rock star look with thick, long hair and the headbands, particular that Bruce Springsteen wore. If you want to be really bold and daring then there were the spandex pants that more often than not had leopard prints and were worn with black cowboy boots.

If you are looking for an 80s fancy dress costume, then here at PropsnFrocks we can help you choose your costume from the wide range of fancy dress outfits that we have available.

Hen party fancy dress costumes

The phrase ‘hen night’ or ‘hen party’ originated from the Middle East, as it was tradition that a bride-to-be would have what was known as a ‘Hennah Night’, which included all female guests only. The bride to be would change her outfit often throughout the evening and she would have her body painted in henna.

‘Hen night’ is normally a phrase only used in the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. A hen party or a hen night usually has female guests only that are friends or family of the bride. A friend of the bride organises the guests and location for the night out so that the bride can remain stress-free before her big day.

Today, the possibilities for a hen night or hen party are endless. It can range from a meal with friends and family to a 20 girl group, all dressed up in the same themed fancy dress outfits – an option becoming all the more popular.

Dressing up on a hen night is the best way to let everyone know that this is a hen party and not just a normal night on the town. An all-female party usually entails a lot of feminine touches, so your fancy dress outfits should reflect this, which is why wearing pink is a popular choice.

Whatever fancy dress costumes that you require, here at PropsnFrocks we have an extremely large variety of high quality fancy dress outfits for you to choose from for you and your friends.

Children’s fancy dress costumes

Children love to dress up in fancy dress costumes. Little girls absolutely love to dress up as their favourite fairy princess, with their pretty dresses, crown and wands, whilst little boys like dressing up as super heroes and pirates, with their Batman capes and pirate hats and swords.

Parents should always encourage their children to participate in fancy dress, as this allows their children to use their imagination.

Fancy dress outfits do not have to break the bank and be too expensive. Looking for the right fancy dress outfits for your child can be a daunting task, but can be so rewarding when you get them and your child will get a lot of pleasure out of them. Once you do obtain some fancy dress costumes it is a good idea to put them in a trunk, as this keeps them neat and tidy.

Some fancy dress outfits can be quite flimsy and have velcro fastening that often sticks to other parts of the garment and can be quite damaging. However, if you purchase your costumes from a reputable fancy dress outfit company, then the outfits should stand up to hours of play and the wear and tear they are put through. A child’s fancy dress outfit should be machine washable, which will save on any unnecessary tears if an unwanted stain appears.

If you are looking for that special fancy dress costume for your child or for you, then here at PropsnFrocks we have wide range of fancy dress costumes for you to choose from that will meet your needs.