Here Come The Girls Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress ‘Here Come The Girls! is all about having fun!Granny fancy dress costume

Here in England it is just another Thursday, but over in Germany for the next few days, there are distinct signs of frivolity. Despite their supposed lack of humour, when the Germans have fun, they go for it in a big way and today in both Cologne and Dusseldorf, the Women take control! Commemorating an uprising of washerwomen in 1824 against male dominance of carnival, women in black storm the city hall and seize the keys to the city. With the ‘ladies’ in control, they go wild, kissing any man they come across and cutting off their ties with giant scissors (well, that’s what it says here). In deference to their washerwoman antecedents, perfectly attractive women will disguise themselves in over-the-top drab outfits and make-up which would do credit to the best of our panto dames. Brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dress-down-day’. Anyway, we are not suggesting you emulate our continental counterparts, but with the weekend in sight, today might be a good day to introduce a few eccentric elements to your ensemble and keep your colleagues wondering what you are up to.

So what about the men? Well, they have to dress up as women. They may just choose to wear a fancy dress wig, or some fake eyelashes, or go the ‘whole hog’ in a fancy dress costume but the whole idea is for it to be a ‘bit of a laugh’ – Are you game? Take a look at our ladies costumes, lots of them go up to a UK size 18 and will be suitable for men.