Film Themed Fancy Dress

We are often asked to provide costumes for a Film themed fancy dress party. To be honest, having the theme as ‘film or movies’ is quite large, so why not splitFilm Costume Ideas it down a bit more to get your guests thining a bit more out of the standard box?

In tomorrow’s blog, we have a long list of various costume suggestions for well known film character costume ideas, so pop back and have a look if you want a general Film Characters fancy dress theme. If however you want to make it a little more specific, what about one of these sub categories?

One actor who celebrates his birthday today is Bill Nighy, who was born in 1949, in Caterham, Surrey. He can be heard as the voice of Grandsanta in the film Arthur Christmas released in November 2011, but over recent years his face has appeared in a number of high profile films. These include Love Actually; Hot Fuzz; Pirates of the Caribbean: (Dead Men’s Chest & At World’s End); and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part One.  Checking his bibliography on the Internet Movie Database he has been and is involved with an astonishing 111 films. But whatever film he has been in, his voice and performance has always made him instantly recognisable, even when made up as Davy Jones in POTC.

Movies is a popular theme when it comes to fancy dress and Bill Nighy’s birthday got us thinking about those actors who have distinctive personas, and those who become the character they portray. In previous blogs, we have mentioned the likes of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, who take on the role as a mantle and once donning the costume, make-up, wigs, etc, instantly become the characters they portray. We are sure there are many others. Do you have any particular favourites that you think should be mentioned?