Channel Your Inner Film Star for the Best 80s Fancy Dress Outfits

Choosing the perfect 80s fancy dress outfits can take a lot of time and consideration, but a lot of the best costume ideas are based on iconic films of the decade. Anyone heading to an eighties-themed party would be well advised to think of appropriate film stars to base their ideas on, and the resulting fancy dress outfits can be incredibly successful.

One of the most popular films to produce 80s fancy dress outfits has got to be Fame, particularly with the recent remake going down a storm. This type of 80s fashion is also hitting the high streets, so leg warmers, oversized t-shirts and leggings are never going to be too hard to come by.

A Madonna costume is also worth considering, and given the fact that she’s appeared in numerous films the fancy dress costume choices are vast. Beetlejuice could be one for the boys, or, if they really want to appeal to the ladies, they might want to try a pilot’s uniform a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or even a naval outfit from An Officer and a Gentleman.

The Blues Brothers, Indiana Jones and Star Wars characters (The Empire Strikes Back was released in the eighties) are also very popular, or for couples wanting to impress there’s the chance of co-ordinating by going for a his and hers outfit of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame. Just about any eighties film is bound to have some memorable characters in, and all would be well worth trying out.

So, taking inspiration from 80s film stars would definitely be recommended for any 80s fancy dress outfits, and those that get it right will be the hit of the party.

Top 1980s Fancy Dress Costumes

Throwing a 1980s fancy dress party can be a huge success, and luckily there are plenty of potential outfits that can be chosen to suit the theme perfectly. So, here are just a few of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes to give people a few hints on what to go for.

•    Freddie Mercury. An icon of 80s music, Freddie would be the ideal choice for all fans of him and his band.
•    Madonna. A Madonna costume would be perfect, particularly as there are so many options of what to go for.
•    Fame. This iconic film is still popular to this day, particularly with its recent revival. Day-glo leg warmers, leggings and slouchy, oversized t-shirts are the order of the day.
•    Top Gun. No-once can resist Tom Cruise in his pilot outfit, so any men wanting to impress should bear this in mind.
•    Shell suits. Not the classiest of fancy dress costumes perhaps, but a great choice for anyone who wants to be a bit different in their choice.
•    Blues Brothers. This is quite an easy look to achieve but is incredibly popular, giving a suave and sophisticated look.
•    Village People. With this idea there are plenty of options to consider, so anyone’s bound to find something to suit.

These are just a few of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes, and there are sure to be many more besides. Above all it comes down to drawing from films and fashion trends of the day, and for a great selection make sure to check out Props n Frocks for the perfect fancy dress costume.