Comedy Fancy Dress Theme

Comedy may seem a strange choice of costume theme at this time of the year as we assume that as October 31st   draws near, thoughts will automatically turn to Halloween, horror, witches, wizards, zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc.. So comedy will probably not be uppermost in your mind. But given the demise of Sir Norman Wisdom, one of the great

Mummy - I Don't Want To Grow Up! Costume

Mummy - I Don't Want To Grow Up! Costume

comedy actors earlier this month and the fact that two other comedians and actors were born during Halloween week (John Cleese, October 27th 1939) and the late John Candy who would have been celebrating his 60th birthday on October 31st, at Props n Frocks we thought we should offer a more light hearted alternative. Comedy is very much a matter of taste.  Clowns can be funny to some, but scary to others.  We do stock a good range of accessories to help you to make up a clown costume at home.Whilst some people prefer slapstick humour, others might appreciate a more satirical type of humour. Whatever your take on Comedy we are sure we can offer a few ideas and suggestions.  Maybe you might like to hold a Carry On night, (“Carry on Cleo” and “Carry on Screaming”) spring to mind. Alternatively, you might want to celebrate with a Monty Python night, where our small feathered parrot accessory is a useful prop. Our range of masks and costumes can also be utilised, with famous cartoon characters, such as Homer Simpson and Stewie (from Family Guy), potentially being in the frame. And, finally of course there are our fantastic range of cartoon characters that will help with any comedy night.  

So given the wide range of the theme ‘comedy’ you  could possibly choose, it is quite difficult to give you particular costume ideas, but we do want to recommend our novelty costumes to you.  The novelty range of costumes does include some costumes more suited to a Stag Night, but on the whole they are just designed to have a laugh with. It takes less muscles to smile than to frown, so even if you are having a bad day, dress up in one of our fantastic range and we can guarantee a smile on your face.

Comical Fancy Dress

As you know, we try and look back into history to give you some different reasons to hold your own fancy dress party. On September 8th 1966, the first motorway bridge over the River Severn was opened, making it a lot easier for the M4 to get to Wales (and for the Welsh to travel to England). We were going to say that a Bridge Night might be on the cards but that would lead to some flippant card-game puns and people who couldn’t deal with it might lose their Patience (told you!). Instead we could celebrate one of the other good things to come out of Wales – Harry Secombe who was born on this date in 1921. Some will remember him for his singing – he was a regular on ‘Songs of Praise’ and starred in the Dickens-based musical ‘Jorrocks’ – but most will know him as one of the Goons, and as, coincidentally, his co-Goon Peter Sellers was also born on this day in 1925 (both Goon, but not forgotten), we thought a Comedy Night or Joke Karaoke might work.

Now holding a comical fancy dress party really opens up the theme (as most fancy dress cotumes once worn are very funny, no matter the theme), but we are thinking more of really stupid costumes. For example, last weekend I attended a fancy dress party as a Wacky Tourist. The costume is hilarious anyway, but I made it even more funny by wearing socks and sandals and I made up my face so that it looked like I had terrible sunburn (complete with huge panda eyes). I carried a phrase book (which I made up myself, with all the standard phrases a typical stereotypical Brit would need abroad) and I also had some St. George flags. It is the little details that you can add to a standard costume to make it truly fantastic!

Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of novelty fancy dress costumes – ideal for you to wear at a Comical Fancy Dress Party!