1960s Music

1960s Music & Pop Stars

Beatles (Early Years) – The ‘early-years’ Beatles are typified by the collarless Nehru-style grey suits. These were specially designed for the group, to give them a distinctive look. (Most other Mersey-beat groups wore black lounge suits). Our 1960’s Pop Star costume is ideal to use as a Beatles costume

Beatles (Sgt Peppers-style)The Fab Four’s colourful military-style outfits as featured on the ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album cover, were as innovative as the music on the record. John Lennon is in yellow and carries a French Horn; Ringo Starr, in pink, carries a trumpet; Paul McCartney, in blue, has a cor anglais and George Harrison, wearing red, has a piccolo. Only Ringo and George have hats.

Dusty SpringfieldInitially with The Springfields, Dusty cultivated a successful solo career with a distinctive look, involving a blonde beehive hairdo and black ‘panda’ eye-make-up. Black eyelashes are a must!

ElvisAfter his military service, Elvis spent much of the Sixties making movies which showcased his songs, and allowed him to play some interesting professionals: These included GI Blues (1960) – a soldier; Blue Hawaii (1961) – a tourist (wear our Hawaiian shirt with an Elvis wig); Viva Las Vegas (1964) – a mechanic; Speedway(1968) – a racing driver and  A Change of Habit (1969) – doctor falling for a nun (wear a Doctor’s costume).

Jimi HendrixAmerican guitarist who found greater fame in the UK and, with his afro and military-style jackets, had a unique image.

Marc BolanPioneer of the Glam Rock look well before the 1970s. Trademarks were black corkscrew curl hairstyle and use of glitter, furs and boas as part of his stage-wear.

Sandie ShawA female singer from Dagenham, whose trademark look was not wearing any shoes. She did, however, marry fashion designer Jeff Banks and hence had her own fashion boutique.

Sonny & CherHusband and wife (then) pop music duo who had several hits and successfully integrated a hippy-style look (He: Afghan waistcoat & jeans. She: Loose blouse and pre-70s flares) into their image without going overtly flower-power.

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