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Around The World Costume Theme

In this section we look at fancy dress parties that have countries as their theme. Whether you are looking at the entire world including the polar regions, a specific continent such as Europe, or even a particular country, take a look at the left navigation bar and you will be able to find all the information that you will need.

This fancy dress theme could also be called:

  • Countries
  • Eurovision (just look at the countries that are allowed to take part)
  • Nationalities

During any given year, there are times when costumes representing countries of the world, might come in useful. The first obvious example is one of the many National days around the year. Here in Britain, we have the opportunity to celebrate England (April 23rd – St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday), Wales (March 1st - St. David’s Day) and Scotland (November 30th – St Andrew’s Day), plus, of course, Ireland on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day). We might equally well choose to celebrate the French National holiday on July 14th or American Independence Day on July 4th. Also, once a year, the Eurovision Song Contest may inspire a European based national costumed theme event (despite Britain’s recent lack of success).

When choosing a costume to represent a country, you are not necessarily opting for the official national costume as such. (No-one seems quite sure what the national costume of England is – a Morris Man or a Beefeater seem the main choices). It needs to be a costume that epitomises the country, even if it may be something of affair stereotype. No one seriously imagines that all German males wear lederhosen breeches, but it is an iconic and popular look. Similarly, very few Australians have probably had cause to make use of a hat with dangling corks, but many party-goers would consider it an integral part of an Aussie costume. We hope that we do not offend anyone, but it is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek!

Here are a few suggestions for Countries of the World

  • Morris Dancer or Beefeater to represent England
  • French Maid, Moulin Rouge Dancer, Frenchman or Gendarme for France
  • Matador or Flamenco Dancer representing Spain
  • Germany – Lederhosen and Bavarian hat. The female equivalent is the dirndl skirt (sometimes spelled dirndle).
  • Venetian – We stock a wide variety of Venetian style masks, and this can be teamed with a hooded cloak or cape and hat (the tricorn style works well).
  • Italy/Roman – Aside from the Venetian (above) or a Gangster (for the Mafia), Italy may be best represented by Togas or the Gladiator Costumes of Ancient Rome.
  • Greece – As with Italy, Greece may be represented by Togas (unless you favour the Demis Roussos-style robes).
  • Egyptian – Fezes and colourful Arabian-style robes may be used, or again, you can opt for the Cleopatra/Neferetiti/Pharoah look.
  • Arabia – Arabian Sheiks and Belly Dancers may be an obvious stereotype, but they can add the exotic element of Eastern Promise.
  • India – Standing between the Middle East (Arabia/Egypt) and the Oriental Far East of China, Japan, etc. India offers opportunities for Saris, Dhotis and Lungis, although you can also look to Bollywood for further costume ideas.
  • China – The traditional stereotype look is the two-piece silk tunic and trouser outfit with the shallow pointed Chinese hat (sometimes with an integrated pigtail). An alternative is the fitted and elegant Cheongsam.
  • Japan – Popular characters are the Geisha (elegant and the make-up, though elaborate and requiring some time/effort, is worth the effort), the black-clad Ninja or the more elaborate Samurai.
  • America – Like Britain, a single American national costume is difficult to define: One can choose the patriotic Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty (or Statue of Liberty) outfits. Alternatively, an American footballer or Cheerleader can work, as can Cowboys/Girls and Native American outfits. For a simple option, use  Hawaiian Shirts.
  • Canada – Unless you can find a Beaver outfit (there are some on the market, but they tend to be the non-party friendly mascot style), the choice is a Canadian Mountie.
  • Mexico – Aside from the Mexican Poncho & Sombrero approach, there are, uniquely, some food costume options such as the Taco, the Tequila bottle or the Chilli Pepper.
  • Latin America – Aside from ponchos (as used by gouchos on the pampas), Latin America is usually portrayed with dance costumes in the Latin/Spanish style – Flamenco, Brazilian, Rumba or Salsa or characters such as Carmen Miranda. With the Olympics and World Cup in prospect, some may choose the Brazilian football kit option, or our Rumba Man costume
  • Caribbean – Possibly the best known of the Caribbean countries is Jamaica, with its dreadlock Rastafarian look or Bob Marley-style outfits. For an alternative colourful look, how about the carnival costumes of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Russia – Choices here probably involve fur-hatted Cossacks or the peasant-like Baboushkas.
  • Australian – As mentioned above, the stereotype image is the Outbacker in a safari-suit and corked hat. Alternatively you can choose characters such as Dame Edna Everage or Crocodile Dundee.If you can’t settle on a particular country, why not go as a Tourist? There are a few OTT designs on the market, or you can improvise your own using items you have picked up on your own travels.Further alternatives are Animals from particular Countries. Bon voyage.

Canadian Costume Ideas

Canadian Fancy Dress Ideas

Canada Day is held on the 2nd July every year, when the people at the top of the North American continent get to celebrate mostly that they are not Americans. (They will have their day on July 4th). There a good number of things for which Canada is famous Mounties and Maple Syrup spring to mind, but only one of those really offers a costume opportunity. Far better to look at a few famous Canadians in the Entertainment field and their claims to fame

Canadian Costume Ideas:

  • Pamela Anderson Primarily known as a Baywatch Babe, she has now taken to starring in pantos!
  • Jim Carrey Skilled actor with so many roles to his name, notably The Mask and The Grinch.
  • Celine Dion She once represented Switzerland in Eurovision, but is best known for her Titanic tune.
  • Natasha Hestridge Model who has made her mark in Species 1 & 2 and other horror films.
  • Kristen Kreuk One time Lois Lane in Smallville, but she has also featured as Snow White in a made-for-TV movie before the current rush started.
  • Avril Lavigne Independent pop idol/icon who performed the theme for Burtons Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alanis Morrisette Another pop star, but she also has movie form, playing God in Dogma, for example.
  • Mike Myers Talented actor with a range of classic characters from Wayne (in Waynes World) to Austin Powers (we’ve some great Austin Powers costumes) and Doctor Evil.
  • Keanu Reeves Another actor with a host of memorable roles, although Neo in The Matrix is possibly the best costume-wise. (Carrie-Ann Moss who played Trinity in the films is also Canadian). Take a look at our Matrix costumes
  • William Shatner The alter-ego of Captain James T Kirk (we stock Star Trek Outfits) and patrolman TJ Hooker. He also sings!

You could also use the colours red & white as another option.

Australian Costume Ideas

Australian Themed Fancy Dress

With many British people emigrating to the land of Oz, we are often asked for ideas for an Australian themed fancy dress party. At first glance it does seem a little limiting, but a you know Props & Frocks like to think outside of the box to help you with some interesting Australian costume ideas.

  • Convict Costumes
  • Kangaroo
  • Christmas Costumes as an inhabitant of Christmas Island, an Australian colony
  • Dame Edna
  • Crocodile
  • Cricketer
  • Kylie Monogue
  • Nancy Bird aviator wear a Biggles style helmet and a flying jacket
  • Doctor costume – just add wings for flying doctors
  • Ned Kelly famous outlaw
  • Queen Elizabeth II Australias Monarch
  • Russell Crowe originally born in New Zealand Gladiator costumes
  • Christmas Islands wear any Christmas costume!
  • Olivia Newton John wear a pink ladies costume or any 50s costume for Grease
  • George Lazenby played James Bond
  • Mel Gibson born in New York, brought up in Australia Choose from many film roles including Braveheart
  • Jackie Chan Australian citizen
  • Wizard of Oz costumes okay, these may be a little far fetched but they are from the land of Oz!
  • Heath Ledger The Joker costumes

And some more costume ideas

  • Rolf Harris Do you know what it is yet?
  • Steve Irwin
  • Captain James Cook
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Ian Thorpe
  • Errol Flynn look at his film roles
  • Jason Donovan
  • Lleyton Hewitt
  • Nicole Kidman look at her film roles (was born in America, but raised in Oz.)
  • The Wizard of Oz characters!

Hollywood Costume Ideas

Hollywood Greats Fancy Dress Theme

This fancy dress theme could also be called:

  • A Night At The Oscars
  • Film or Movie Stars
  • Stars Of The Silver Screen
  • Use as part of an American themed party

This costume theme will no doubt bring a touch of glamour and glitz to your fancy dress party. The ladies will enjoy dressing up to the nines and the men have the option of dressing in costume (based on a film stars famous film roles) or a dinner jacket, as if attending a red carpet event.

Obviously, we do not need to give you any guidance when it comes to evening gowns and dinner jackets, but we can offer some costume suggestions that would be suitable for this great fancy dress theme

  • Tom Cruise – Wear an aviator costume - Top Gun
  • Vivien Leigh –  Wear a Scarlett OHara costume - Gone With The Wind
  • Marilyn Monroe Choose between the white halter neck dress (Seven Year Itch) or the pink evening dress (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) costume
  • Audrey Hepburn Wear a black evening dress Breakfast at Tiffanys
  • Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Costume
  • Richard Burton Roman Man Costume Mark Antony from Cleopatra
  • Clark Gable Rhett Butler Gone With The Wind
  • Keanu Reeves Neo from The Matrix
  • Sean Connery (and other Bond Actors) James Bond Costume
  • Angelina Jolie Lara Croft
  • James Dean an easy costume, just wear blue jeans, white tee shirt.
  • Judy Garland Dorothy Wizard of Oz
  • Marlon Brando The Godfather
  • Harrison Ford Indiana Jones films
  • Keira Knightley Pirates Of The Caribbean films
  • Uma Thurman Kill Bill films
  • Richard Gere An Officer & a Gentleman costume
  • Christopher Reeve Superman
  • Johnny Depp so much choice, Captain Jack Sparrow to name just one!
  • Gywneth Paltroe Shakespeare in Love
  • Heath Ledger The Joker
  • Catherine Zeta Jones Chicago
  • Val Kilmer The Saint
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic
  • Sylvestar Stallone Rambo
  • Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act
  • Brad Pitt Grim Reaper Meet Joe Black
  • Greta Garbo wear a glamorous 1930s gown
  • John Wayne wear a cowboy costume
  • Halle Berry Catwoman or The Flintstones
  • Julia Roberts Pretty Woman
  • Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge. Take a look here for loads of Moulin Rouge costume ideas
  • Rene Zellweger –  Bunny Girl from Bridget Jones

Las Vegas Costume Ideas

Las Vegas Costume Ideas

How versatile can a Las Vegas fancy dress theme be?

On the face of it, the theme might seem to be all about gangsters, gamblers and showgirls. However, as the famous casinos are located within themed resorts, there is a lot more scope than you might realise: For instance, to save people the bother of having to travel the world, there are microcosmic versions of Paris, New York and Venice on the famous Vegas strip. There are also resorts based on Treasure Island, Circus and, of course, the Wild West (Las Vegas -The Meadows- grew out of a frontier town). Given the number of other specialist hotels (such as the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel which houses many rock & pop artefacts), there are few costumes which cannot be found a place within the theme. Incidentally, an inhabitant of Vegas is known as a Las Vegan (or just Vegan), which is appropriate for a place that can make you feel like you are on a different planet.

A great party theme to have some gambling tables as additional entertainment.

Las Vegas Acts Costume Ideas

  • Show Girls
  • Elvis Presley
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • Abbott & Costello
  • Bing Crosby
  • Chippendales
  • Cher
  • Celine Dion
  • Jersey Boys
  • Phantom of The Opera
  • Rod Stewart
  • Cirque de Soleil

Las Vegas History Costume Ideas

  • Native American Indians
  • Wild West Costumes – the original frontier town
  • Jedediah Smith Explorer who found the Las Vegas Valley
  • American Army base established n the 40s, use our American GI Costumes
  • Gangster costumes 1947 1963 Las Vegas became a hotbed for organised crime
  • Wedding Chapels dress up as a bride & groom

Las Vegas Casinos use their theme to give you costume inspiration

  • The Rio – Brazilian Carnival & Mardi Gras theme
  • Excalibur Medieval banquet served by your own wench. Jousting entertainment
  • Marina features a huge lion enclosure
  • Treasure Island Pirate Theme & Cirque de Soleil
  • Luxor Pyramid shaped casino Egyptian theme
  • New York-New York Master of Ceremonies is a drag queen, also another home for Cirque de Soleil
  • Mandalay Bay South East Asia theme Current show is The Lion King, Michael Jackson The Immortal World tour is a tribute show performed by Cirque de Soleil. It was also host to the Miss Universe contest 2010
  • Planet Hollywood Hollywood theme
  • Caesars Palace Roman theme

Western Costume Ideas

Western Costume Ideas

This party theme could also be called:

  • The Wild West
  • Cowboys & Indians

As we have already said, Western is a very popular fancy dress theme. It is also a theme where you can easily put your own costumes together, as there is a huge range of western accessories available to purchase. Most of us have a pair of jeans in our wardrobe and just be adding 1 or 2 items, you can get into the spirit of the event -there is no need to go over the top if you are not really into dressing up.

If you are hosting a wild west costume party, we would also recommend that you do purchase a few spare Stetson hats or Indian feather headbands etc. You can hand them out to any guest who dares turn up for your party without any form of costume on. As we have stated in other hubs, it is really important that as many of your guests dress up in the party theme, as this helps to create the unique atmosphere that is a fancy dress party.

The range of western accessories includes:

  • Stetson – Cowboy Hats
  • Guns & Holsters
  • Indian headpieces
  • Indian Weapons
  • Indian Jewellery
  • Cowboy Moustaches
  • Sheriff Badges
  • Bullet Belts
  • Cowboy Bandanas
  • A whole range of pink cowgirl accessories for you ladies!

Wild West Character/Costume suggestions.
Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter discovered by Buffalo Bill when his Wild West Show stopped at New Orleans in 1885 tour. Her story was dramatised in Annie Get Your Gun., the stage-show which brought Ethel Merman to fame. Contemporary pictures show her with a wide-brim hat, fringed buckskin-style outfit, long skirt and hunting rifle.

Barkeep/Bartender A stalwart image from Wild West films usually seen handing (or sliding) drinks to customers and diving for cover at the first sign of trouble. A bar-keep apron, possibly work with a waistcoat. and table-clean cloth might come in handy!

Saloon Owner/Entrepreneur. Bored with just being a saloon girl? In the entrepreneurial Old West, many Saloon bar-owners were female. Some of them offered their customers more than drink and gaming facilities, as well as somewhere to wait before the next gunfight broke out! When looking for role models for this character, one is drawn to Mae West and her performances in Klondike Annie and Belle of the Nineties

Bounty Hunter Another type of entrepreneur, the Bounty Hunter was usually a loner earning his (or her) crust by tracking down outlaws. Usually in it for the money rather than the community service, many developed their skills to eventually market themselves as detectives a more respectable profession.

Calamity Jane Born Martha Jane Cannary, Calamity was a hard-drinking woman who wore men’s clothing, used bawdy language, and was handy with a gun. She dressed exactly as a cowboy would and contemporary portraits show her in a buckskin two-piece outfit, with traditional hat. Her portrayal by Doris Day featured a similar outfit with fringing and cavalry-style kepi headgear.

Cavalryman. In many a western, a desperate situation was saved by the cavalry. In practice, keeping the peace between the native American Indians, and the white settlers who coveted their land was an impossible task – there was an average of one soldier for every 66 sq. miles of territory to be patrolled. Clothing issued to the cavalry were leftovers from the Civil War stockpiles, so might not fit that well (good excuse for an ill-fitting outfit!) Uniform consisted light blue wool trousers, dark blue heavy wool jackets with choke collars, grey flannel shirts, knee-length boots, tops turned down and hats according to troop.

Cowboy Despite the wide range of off-the-peg costumes available, many people can put

together their own cowboy outfit with the help of a few accessories. Most of the traditional western cowboys preferred plain styles and dark colours. The only relief from the sombre image was the brightly coloured kerchief worn around the neck. Chaps leather-style breeches in open or wraparound style may also be worn.

Cowgirl Technically cowgirls as such, did not exist as the real Wild West made no distinction between the sexes. Women who worked out on the range wore the same practical clothing and did the same sort of work where possible. All were equal and many developed their own ranching and droving businesses. In the world of costuming there are, of course a large number of excellent cowgirl costumes available.

Doctor Doc Holliday, one of the participants in the gunfight at the OK Corral possibly springs to mind here. Doctors on the Frontier had very little medicine and often had to improvise cures. Some took up secondary careers notably as undertakers!

Frontiersmen Probably the best known of these was Davy Crockett (King of the Wild Frontier). He was the subject of a popular Disney TV series of the 50s/60s and was famed for his coonskin hat. He lived from 1786 to 1836 and died fighting on behalf of Texas, at the battle of the Alamo

Gambler Gambling was a popular pastime in the West. Professionals who had honed their skills on the river-boats of the Mississippi and elsewhere followed the prospectors on the Gold Rush to the West to help in the redistribution of income. There are several outfits on the market but the basic outfit might consist of fancy waistcoat, frilled shirt, frock-coat or jacket over pin-stripe (or similar) trousers.

Marshall The Marshall was a court officer with functions similar to a Sheriff. The Old West produced a number of famous marshals Wild Bill Hickock & Wyatt Earp to name but two. A dark suit and hat might suffice, although if called on to fill the post of a recently deceased sheriff, pending election of his successor, he would adopt conventional western wear.

Mexican Whilst American Indians had Asiatic origins and the pioneers moved in from the Eastern States, the population of what became Mexico, New Mexico & California derived from the Spaniards searching for Eldorado in South America. They were mostly farmers, maintaining Spanish traditions (including the siesta noon-break, giving rise to the stereotypical Mexican being asleep!) Unfortunately, exploitation of peons (peasants), poverty and perceived injustice led some Mexicans to revolt and take matters into their own hands, so in addition to the standard Mexican outfit of basic jeans and shirt worn (or well-worn) under a multi-coloured or patterned poncho and the almost obligatory wide-brim sombrero (and (optional) droopy moustache for men), a Mexican Bandit might ditch the poncho in favour of some weaponry such as guns and bandoliers

Native Indian Brave (Male) The term Red Indian (or Redskins) is thought to derive from

pioneers seeing the red skins of natives who used red oxide as body decoration. Indians themselves are thought to derive from Asiatic tribes crossing the ice-link between Asia and North America. Braves were expected to show bravery and courage in hunting and battle, earning feathers as they gained respect of their peers. This is one costume where you might want to skip authenticity – an Indian brave on the warpath was truly stripped for action, wearing only a breechclout (a strip of narrow cloth which passed through the legs and over a belt, hanging down at the front and back) and leggings (two side-fringed trouser-leg-like items which attached to the same belt). Although vests were worn at other times, they were too hot to be worn in action and could be a hindrance in battle. An alternative to the Breechclout was a form of apron consisting of two squares of decorated cloth tied at the hips. There are plenty of more practical outfit for our colder climate on the market.

Native Indian (Female) The term squaw is frowned upon, being synonymous with prostitute in native language. Despite the likes of famous female Indians such as Pocahontas and Minnie Ha-Ha, females were very much second-class citizens, more like property than equals to men. On the other hand, being vital to the survival of the tribe, they were the most fiercely defended by an Indian male, aside from his headdress and hunting weapons. As above, Native Indian female costumes available on the market may put practicality over authenticity.

Pioneer Woman On the Frontier, both male and female had to be equally hardy and when it came to survival skills and defence of life and property, the frontiers woman had to be as adept as her male counterparts. For the true pioneer woman, the costume consisted of a plain high-necked long dress with bonnet and apron. Although patterned materials were used, these tended to fade after harsh and repeated washing. In the West, practicality was a consideration and for horse-riding, younger women developed skirts rather like baggy trousers or skirts with buttons.

Preacher The preacher seen in most westerns has a standardised look – a plain black suit (or long black coat) with a round, flat-brim hat, plus, of course, a dog-collar. A pair of wire-rimmed specs (or pince-nez) may also help the impression.

Prospector In the Gold Rush 49 a range of nationalities were involved in the stampede. The typical prospector had a somewhat dishevelled image battered hat (often used as a makeshift gold pan or drinking vessel), shirt, trousers (somewhat ragged), worn boots, plus prospecting equipment such as rock hammers, spades etc.

Saloon Girl In the politically correct, picturesque Wild West, the Saloon Girl was an

entertainer-cum-showgirl. In practice they were Jills-of-All-Trades who would turn their hands to anything that would earn them a living and helped separate the punter (usually) from his money. Although they were often employed by the establishment where they worked, many would not be adverse to a little individual self-enterprise, the best rising to develop their own businesses.

There are obvious similarities between Saloon Girl costumes and Can-can & Moulin Rouge outfits. Most outfits come in a range of permutations of basic costumes and accessories: The basic costume typical consists of a corset or basque, usually in lace and satin-type material with a lace-up front or back, and a separate skirt which may be frilled or rouched and gathered or split to show the leg(s). ;All-in-one outfits, although widely available on the market, are less authentic.

Sheriff Whilst Federal Marshalls were State/National Law officers, the Sheriff was the local lawman. Usually identified by his star badge, he enforced the particular unique rules of a given community and often paid the price with his life.

Wild West Showman William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill, is probably the best known of the Western Showmen. There were, of course, less genuine (and scrupulous) showmen and snake-oil salesmen willing to part punters from their cash and exploit their credibility. The Showman dresses to impress and dazzle his audience, so a flashy or ornate vest/waistcoat under a well-tailored suit was important to create the right impression. Showmen wishing to peddle medicine or other products might wish to convey an air of authority through use of glasses, walking cane or other trappings of the rich and knowledgeable.

American Costume Ideas


American Costume Ideas – Overview

American Independence Day (the US National Day) is on July 4th and thus there is a strong likelihood that America could crop up as a theme idea. The theme, like the county itself, offers vast potential. so in order to channel your thoughts we have selected a few sub-themes and suggestions.

American Icons
The leading icons are probably The Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam. Though the American Bald Eagle might come in a close third, a costume for this is not quite so readily available. When thinking about US Presidents, apart from the present incumbent, Barack Obama and those that are in living memory, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are probably the main two former Presidents that might be recognisable, if anyone nowadays wants to dress up as them?

More accessible costumes and symbols of the American Dream, might include the Marvel creation Captain America(a Miss Captain America is now also available), the Cheerleader (which continues to be extremely popular, because of High School Musical, Grease and Glee), the American Footballer and the 1950s Diner Waitresses (on roller skates as an extra challenge).

Wild West
Indians (or Native Americans) are now less fashionable than they used to be for Wild West parties, but for those who want to be different, at Props & Frocks we do stock a range of costumes, jewellery, bows and arrows and other accessories.

Cowboys still tend to be one of the most popular costumes for Wild West parties. Cowgirls are possibly less so as there are fewer female role models (Annie Oakley and Doris Day springs to mind, and some might remember Cat Balou (Jane Fonda) from the Sixties). Country and Western singers, such as Dolly Parton have also given the cowgirl a more glitzy image that that portrayed by Doris Day as Calamity Jane. However, when faced with this theme, many females now tend to gravitate more to the saloon-girls style fashions, which we have in a range of colours and concepts.

Western is often used as a fancy dress theme in it’s own right, so take a look here for lots more Western or Wild West Costume ideas

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a bit of a cheat, because whilst sheltering under the American theme, you can then use the wide range of Casino Resorts in this City of Light in the Nevada Desert as an excuse for a range of other non-American costumes. Obviously you have already got the Wild West covered (you are virtually in it in Las Vegas as Arizona is just next door). In Vegas they have very thoughtfully put together a version of the essence of New York, with its own scaled down statue

of Liberty, for the benefit of those who cannot be bothered to fly to the East Coast. However other world cities are also represented here such as Paris and Venice (with a canal which is a lot bluer than the real thing and several storeys above street level).They have not quite got round to capturing the essence of the England of nowadays, but you can usefully choose costumes from our range of medieval outfits to represent Olde England as seen in the Excalibur resort. Also possible are Pirates (at Treasure Island), Circus Characters (at Circus Circus) and an entire range of film characters (notably those from The Wizard of Oz) at the MGM Grand. More in depth information on Vegas will be available in our forthcoming specialist information sheet.

Las Vegas is often used as a fancy dress theme in it’s own right, so take a look here for lots more Las Vegas Costume ideas

New Orleans
Aside from being the birthplace of Jazz,New Orleans is one of the major world centres for Mardi Gras and Carnival, with green, gold and purple being the three predominant colours. Well known for its French Quarter and its connections with Voodoo, which were epitomised in the James Bond film Live and Let Die it has a unique feel and is an interesting take on an American theme. Obviously the citys encounter with Hurricane Katrina caused major damage and heartache to the inhabitants, but their spirit lives on and the Good Times continue to roll.

A Hollywood theme is synonymous with a movies event, but in deference to the American theme, you might want to concentrate on US film stars such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or movies with an obvious American back-story such as Gone With The Wind. The latter gives females the opportunity to be a Southern Belle, whilst males can either look dashing in a Confederate or Union Soldiers uniform, or model themselves on Rhett Butler. Other Hollywood films also putting men in uniform include GI Blues, Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentleman.

Hollywood is often used as a fancy dress theme in it’s own right, so take a look here for lots more Hollywood Costume ideas

We hope we have given you a few additional ideas for your American theme event. The above is just a small sample of some of the costumes and accessories that Props and Frocks can offer and you might have your own ideas. Red/white and blue are the obvious colour choices for this theme, and aside from the costumes and accessories mentioned above, we also stock red, white and blue bunting, make-up and hair colours. So, come and have a chat and see what we can do to help.

Around The World Song Ideas

Around The World Fancy Dress Theme – Song Ideas

  • Back In The USSR The Beatles
  • Living In The USA Steve Miller
  • Back In The USA Linda Ronstadt / Chuck Berry
  • Born In The USA Bruce Springsteen
  • England Swings Roger Miller
  • Turning Japanese Vapors
  • Africa Toto
  • Down Under Men At work
  • We Are The World
  • Give Ireland Back To The Irish Paul McCartney & wings
  • The Luck Of The Irish John Lennon
  • Dont Cry For Me Argentina Julie Covington
  • Canada Joni Mitchell
  • China Girl David Bowie
  • Surfin USA Beach Boys
  • Blue Hawaii – Elvis
  • 19 Paul Hardcastle (about the Vietnam War)
  • Living In America James Brown
  • A New England Billy Bragg / Kirsty Macoll
  • Bermuda Triangle Barry Manilow
  • Tulips From Amsterdam Max Bygraves
  • Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles
  • Is This The Way To Amarillo Tony Christie