Halloween Wigs

Halloween Wigs

You may have decided on your Halloween costume for this year but you may still need a wig to help to complete your desired look.

Props & Frocks stocks a huge range of halloween wigs that are suitable for a gothic or Halloween outfit. Some wigs are available in multi colour options so always look at the style of the wig first and then see if it comes in the colour you are looking for. We have so many witch wigs to choose from, it just depends on your own preference. Are you looking for a long straight black wig, or would you prefer one with a bit of a curl? Men also have a good choice of wigs to choose from, including some great Devil wigs, and wigs for Beetlejuice and other Halloween costumes and a good choice of gothic style wigs.

Please Note: If your costume includes a hat, make sure that the hat is large enough to get a wig on underneath. You may need to cut a portion of the wig away at the top of your head to get a hat to fit. Please be aware that most of our fancy dress wigs are made on a net and cutting some of this away may change the look of the wig. Once you have cut away a portion of the wig you may want to sew it to your hat.

When you first try on a wig, your face will drain of colour. This is especially true when wearing a dark coloured wig, or one that is nothing like your natural colour. Looking pale is great when it comes to a Halloween theme and you may not need to wear make-up to make yourself look paler than normal. Whilst you are ‘testing’ the look, if you are going to be wearing make-up for your character, mark where the hairline of the wig comes to on the forehead so you can ensure your make-up covers above that line

Most fancy dress wigs will be made from a synthetic material which helps to keep the costs down. The wig will eventually start to frizz with numerous wears, or, if it has brushed too hard. This might be great for the wild, unkempt look – not so good for a sleek vampire.

How To Put Your Halloween Wig On Correctly

  • Control your own hair (a wig cap or hairnet are ideal)
  • Take your wig from its packaging. Use your fingers to style it.
  • Hold the front of the wig (near the fringe) with one hand. Using your other hand, ease the net base over your own hair.
  • Tuck in your loose hairs and adjust the wig correctly on your head.
  • DO NOT tip the wig upside down before placing on your head. This may be seem an easier way to put the wig on but your wig will look terrible and not last very long.

How To Care For Your Halloween Wig

  • Try and keep your wig on a polystyrene head - we do stock these as it will stop, especially long haired wigs, from getting tangled.
  • Use your fingers, or a soft babys brush to gently brush the hair. Do not use a hard brush as it will break the hair and cause the wig to frizz.
  • Gently swirl the wig in warm water that has a drop of fabric conditioner in it. Rinse and allow to air dry.
  • Do not use any form of heat to dry or to style the wig as it will be damaged, or even melt.
  • Whilst spraying with water may make synthetic wigs easier to style, do not use hairspray on such wigs – it can make them flammable!
  • That said, keep all wigs away from cigarettes and naked flames anyway.
  • Most wigs will be packaged in a thin hairnet. Use this to keep your own hair tidy underneath. We do stock wig caps that are better quality and provide a good base for your wig.

Please Note: Due to hygiene reasons, we are unable to refund wigs as per our standard Returns Policy.

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