Victorian Christmas Costumes

Victorian Christmas

Christmas in its modern form was started in the Victorian era.  Consequently, there are many Christmas fairs which are based around the Victorian image of Christmas.  Mulled wine, Christmas trees, carol singers, cards and presents were all aspects that were popularised during the Victorian period and still remain with us today.

One of the key writers during Queen Victoria’s reign was Charles Dickens. His works looked at different aspects of the social tiers of the time and one of his best known stories is A Christmas Carol. This tells the story of the miserly Scrooge, who within one night (Christmas Eve) is transformed into a totally different character, through the intervention of the ghosts of Christmas Past (his ex-partner Jacob Marley in chains), Present and Future.

When it comes to costumes, we have a fantastic selection of Dickensian and Victorian outfits for both adults and children, many of which are in our hire stock. These include Chimney Sweeps, Dickensian Urchins, Victorian School children, Scrooge himself, various nannies and maids. Plus costumes representing carol singers and the like.

If you already have something in your wardrobe that might be suitable, we also stock a number of accessories such as top hats, canes, moustaches, gloves, wigs, pantaloons, aprons and mop caps.